I can't stand Rahm: the Pullman ceremony is one reason I can't

I can't stand Rahm:  the Pullman ceremony is one reason I can't
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So there they were week before last, in the Pullman neighborhood, formally designating it a National Monument with all the hoopla.  Tiny Dancer was there, all the local pols were there, the Pullman people were there.  And the crowning glory?  The President was there.  For a nice little photo-op with Rahm, who was running for re-election.  And hoping to avoid a runoff.

And also hoping some of Barack's left-over popularity would boost him just a tad.

There was, however, one glaring omission at this very political event:  my Alderman.   Alderman Bob Fioretti of the 2nd Ward--still alderman of the ward at least for the next several weeks.

So why should Fioretti have been there?  Not only did he grow up in the Pullman area, receiving a Pullman Foundation Scholarship to college, he also spent years on the board of the Historic Pullman Foundation, including a stint as president--and remains to this day on the board.  He helped  make the historic Pullman area what it has become:  a National Monument.  He helped it thrive as one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Chicago so that it could come into its own in 2015.  And now it will become even more world-famous.  It will help Chicago attract tourists and there will be more money for restoration and renovation and all that sort of thing.

I have a book (Arcadia Publishing, 1998) in my Chicago history book collection about the history of Pullman and Fioretti's picture is in it.  He, above all, deserved to be included in this ceremony.  He was there all through the years that the neighborhood of Pullman headed off irreversible decrepitude and complete urban death.

And ironically, his ward--from which he was so rottenly gerrymandered out by Rahm and his sycophants on the City Council--contains the Prairie Avenue land on which George Pullman lived in a long-gone beautiful mansion of the gilded Age at 18th and Prairie.

Rahm showed his true colors, though, vis a vis this very notable event. Fioretti would not be there.  He would not be invited.  Fioretti was one of the four guys running against Rahm.  And a reliable critic of Rahm's in the City Council.  But he wasn't polling well, had little money.  And wasn't attracting that much attention.  In other words, he wasn't much of a threat to Rahm.

But Rahm is small.  And a dreadful bully.  He didn't want to share the spotlight with a critic or an opponent, no matter how dumb that looked.  He's a scared, nervous little pipsqueak.  Uncivil. And creepy.  And Fioretti's well-deserved invitation "mysteriously disappeared."

That wouldn't have been the case if we had a mayor who was dignified, kind, open-minded and not a bully.

Hmmmm. Dignified, kind, open-minded and not a bully.  Sounds kind of like the other guy running for Chicago mayor:  Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia.

I encourage you heartily and vigorously to vote for Garcia on April 7.  You won't be sorry, I guarantee that.  Especially if you, like me, want to shout this out every chance you get:  "I can't stand Rahm!"

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