I can't stand Rahm: he's the most insidious bully I have ever seen in my life

I can't stand Rahm:  he's the most insidious bully I have ever seen in my life
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Today, I want to talk about Tiny Dancer's reputation as a bully.  This is not a joke--even though we all joke about it.  This is not to be taken lightly.   And when you cast your ballot on April 7, please don't take it lightly.  The way he treats others is despicable.

A while back, I appeared on a television show on WYCC--channel 20 on the subject of raising a child with special needs.  I was asked if my daughter ever experienced bullying.  It wasn't a question I'd expected and I had to think fast.  And maybe my answer was stupid, but I had to say that of all the time we lived in the South Loop, I had never encountered any bullying, my daughter was never bullied--and I'd never heard anyone in the neighborhood complain about any bullies.

In other words, the only bully that I knew of for miles around was Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  Who is probably, by now, making bullying an acceptable lifestyle in Chicago by setting a terrible example.

We all know about the dead fish he sent a political foe.  And the swearing. And when he painted his rival for his congressional seat Nancy Kascak as a Nazi.  We know he went around Congress threatening and yelling on behalf of his boss President Obama, who had to get rid of him; it was so bad, he made a deal with Mayor Daley to get him elected mayor.

Many may know about the abominable and seething  rage he directed toward a reporter when asked about his kids attending an elite private school on the other side of the city from his house--instead of a Chicago public school.  If not, watch it here.  It's truly sickening.

Today, there's a story out about the same kind of behavior directed  at those attending a community meeting centering on the topic of closing mental health clinics.  His rage, his selfishness, his complete lack of compassion is so very evident.  Read about that here.

And last but not least, and maybe I'm the last to know, but I ran across an article a few days ago that leaves me utterly crazed.  A gentleman named Alan Goldsher wrote it two years ago.  Goldsher was a 10-year-old patient of Emanuel's father--a pediatrician--decades ago.  He needed allergy shots on a regular basis and Dr. Emanuel agreed to let him come to the Emanuel family home to get them--because his mother was unable to get him to the doctor's office by closing time.

What happened at the Emanuel family home during that time is totally sickening.  It should make all Chicago citizens nauseated.  Goldsher, while waiting to make sure that he didn't have a reaction to the shot, was regularly beaten up by Rahm and his brother Ari--the Hollywood agent and the connection to Rahm's current "ability" to rake in huge amounts of cash from tinseltown--who were then in their mid-teens.

Read this horrible, harrowing story here.

Voters, please consider the personality of the man who runs this city before you vote in April.  Has his rage and anger helped the quality of life in this city?  Has it been effective at raising the city's bond rating?  Has it helped the homeless problem that we experience so acutely in the South Loop and in other neighborhoods in Chicago?  His rage and anger and bullying do us no good.

And his rage is apt to get worse.

Please vote for Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, a very decent man.  And don't hesitate to say this any time the need strikes:  "I can't stand Rahm!"

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