I can't stand Rahm: he's reckless with our money, an irresponsible gambler and a crazy spendthrift

I can't stand Rahm:  he's reckless with our money, an irresponsible gambler and a crazy spendthrift
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Tiny Dancer's four-year reign over the City of Chicago has resulted in our bond rating dropping five times; we have an enormous debt and there's no end in sight; and his very own appointed school board is already spending next year's money.

This guy deserves to be re-elected?

His operating budget is based on borrowed money with huge interest. Read the Chicago Tribune's harrowing report about our fair city living on borrowed money right here.  Emanuel is running the city the same as a family breadwinner spending hard-earned cash on drugs, booze and casino tables--while the family pays the rent and buys food, gas, clothes, electricity and heat with a payday loan.

Got the picture?  That's how our city's being run.

All Emanuel talks about is his success, while the reality is he's bred nothing but failure.  He lies.

Which brings me to a South Loop-based situation regarding Emanuel's money-wasting:  The Lucas Museum.  You think it's not a done deal yet, so it's not costing us cash?  Wrong.

That egotistical Hollywood mogul who wants a free piece of sacred lakefront land on which to place his Star Wars memorabilia and 59 Norman Rockwell paintings and christen himself as "part of the Museum Campus" is already an expensive liability.  George Lucas' arrogant and pushy idea--so beloved by the Chicago mayor that he'll do anything at all to cement the deal--is already costing us money.

As everyone knows, Friends of the Parks has filed a suit to prevent this horrid land grab.  And now, Tiny Dancer has us coughing up cash to defend the suit--which a federal judge recently ruled has merit.

So, instead of buying a nice piece of land in Chicago to place his museum and go from there, or even the city giving him a nice piece of land somewhere to give a downtrodden neighborhood a little perk or to relieve us of some debt--ie, the Michael Reese land--the City of Chicago is paying up the nose to give Lucas the right to take our lakefront land and do whatever the hell he wants with it.

So far, all Lucas said is he'll build himself a pie-in-the-sky idea of a museum.  And in the future,  it'll be our problem.  Again, we are now paying money to give him the right to do that to us!

The current mayor cares nothing about Chicago.  Or us citizens.  He hasn't done anything to relieve our indebtedness.  And he apparently thinks that using our precious (borrowed) cash to give a Hollywood billionaire the right to take our precious land and leave us with a mystery building is worth putting us even deeper into debt.

We gotta get rid of this guy.  Or we WILL be Detroit.

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