I can't stand Rahm: he's made the city rude, uncivil and very very very mean

I can't stand Rahm:  he's made the city rude, uncivil and very very very mean
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Within five minutes of waking up this morning I heard from two friends.  One said he was so glad he didn't live in Chicago anymore.  The other said he was truly welcoming a few days out of town starting tomorrow.  Gee, I wonder why….

Chicago people may not realize it, but our city is meaner than it's ever been. Rude, uncivil, downright nasty.

And guess what?  It's coming from the top.  The mayor's office.

We're used to it now.  It started four years ago when little big man got in.  An uncaring weasel and a bully who thinks it's hilarious to rob from the poor and give to the rich.

We don't realize the extent of the lousiness that has emanated from the Fifth floor.  We have a mean, uncaring automaton sitting up there.  Who couldn't care less about real life on the streets and in the neighborhoods of Chicago.

He's an evil cartoon character.  And he's made us feel crummy--about ourselves, about others, about the whole city.  About life.

If we are smart enough to elect Chuy next week, I positively guarantee that you will feel like you swallowed  a couple of martinis.  Sans the calories and the hangover.  Or a bottle of  antidepressants.  Sans the side effects.  (Try it. Elect him.  You'll like it.)

Do you feel the bikes on the sidewalk are going faster and more aggressively than ever these days--and actually trying to run you down? That's no accident.  Did you know it's illegal for anyone older than school age to ride on the sidewalk?  The way the bikes come out of nowhere and scare you--that's subliminal permission from the top: Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He's a jerk, and others feel justified in letting their inner jerks come out, too.

Do you feel like your fellow shoppers would just as soon kill you as step aside--so you both can get down the aisle?  No accident.  Take a look at this story that's been making the rounds.

Have you seen the commercials in which Rahm says Chuy is going to get your wallet and take money out of it? Great subliminal message, huh?  Nice for a mayor to do that, isn't it?  In case you are swallowing such drivel, Chuy will NOT take your wallet and steal your money.  I promise.

If anyone's a mugger, it's Rahm Emanuel.  Not only has he robbed us of our money to give to the richest hoteliers (and other richest of the rich) in the world, he's robbed us of our civility.  And robbing a city of its humanity is just as bad as robbing it of its wealth.

Dump him.  Let's get some peace and calm back in the city.  Maybe the shootings will decrease.  I know his self-centered, egotistical, smug and despicable mania hasn't helped people control themselves at all.  Let's fire him.  And send him packing.  Not us.

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