I can't stand Rahm: he's a despicable liar and a detestable sneak

I can't stand Rahm:  he's a despicable liar and a detestable sneak
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Tiny Dancer is a liar.  A great big liar.  And he's in panic mode now, fellow voters, so watch out!  The lies they are afoot.  Great big whoppers.

From his initial big-bucks run-off commercial of  "Oh, I'm so unlikeable but don't hold it against me" last week, this week he's back to being a dishonest little runt.

He's got an anti-Chuy commercial out that is full of misleading information, downright lies--and a message so distorted that Emanuel should be prosecuted by the Cook County State's Attorney for fraud.

The Chicago Tribune tells the story very nicely right here of what he's pulling on his opponent.  Here's a description from the article of one of Rahm Emanuel's completely dishonest ploys:

"For example, one clip features a reporter asking Garcia last month why he won't get into financial specifics on pension reform, to which Garcia responds, 'It's a bit much to discuss at this point.' The clip doesn't include the rest of the sentence: 'Because the court hasn't ruled yet and we don't know what the accurate picture is.'

That's similar to the reason Emanuel gives for not providing specifics on how he'd deal with the police and fire pensions."

Cute, huh?

And the getting rid of 50 of the red-light cameras this week?  Remember how he defended them oh-so-vehemently--for safety's sake?  He's let completely crooked and corrupt companies that run them like shysters pump money out of the pockets of unsuspecting drivers.

He sunk to the lowest of the low defending them.  For safety's sake.  When all the evidence is that the companies are crooked and they're only in it for revenue.  Emanuel hid information and told lies.  Talking just like a snake oil salesman about safety when he knew otherwise.

Such outlandish lies that we citizens wanted to kick him in the teeth.

He lied over and over again about those cameras being there for safety first--and not revenue.  In fact, from my South Loop home I wrote in 2009 (two years before Tiny Dancer became our mayor) about having a camera outside my window--and about the study in the Tribune that said there were 67 percent more accidents at Roosevelt and State with cameras; not less.

But this week he tells us with his actions to screw safety!  It's quite obvious he shut 50 of the cash generators off at a feverish pace this week to get Willie Wilson's endorsement.  Getting rid of the cameras was a big part of Wilson's popular platform.  Wilson wants to get rid of the crooked cameras that make fools of every citizen in the city.  And Rahm is desperate--so out went a batch of the cameras.

But it didn't work.  Wilson wisely endorsed Garcia.

And now Tiny Dancer looks like the fool.  A panic-driven little rat spinning in a maze of dishonesty.  A core-less politician.  A personality totally unfit to lead our city.  A city he cares absolutely NOTHING about.

But don't just listen to me.  Read about the little liar in the Chicago Jewish Star here on Page 4.

In Chicago, ethnic groups usually stick together.  (And by the way, before anybody makes a stink, I can say this because I am a member of said group.)  It's a big story when leaders of a particular ethnicity or religion diss one of their own.  But to its credit, this local Jewish newspaper didn't pull any punches.  They see Tiny Dancer for who he is and want no part of him.

So they, like Wilson, wisely endorsed Jesus "Chuy" Garcia to be the next mayor of Chicago.

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