I can't stand Rahm and I'm going to tell you exactly why over the next five weeks

I can't stand Rahm and I'm going to tell you exactly why over the next five weeks
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I can't stand Rahm.

Everyone who knows me--or reads me--knows I haven't been able to stomach him for the last four years.  And today, I have decided to devote my blog to that subject for the next five weeks.  And tell you exactly why I can't stand him.  From my South Loop perch in our fair city.

I hope to convince you, dear readers, to vote for a true mensch, Jesus "Chuy" Garcia to be the next mayor of Chicago.  Not many people know Chuy--but I have been watching him for the past 30 years and I can tell you he's the Real Deal.  We are lucky to have him at the ready.  He is a true gift for Chicago--independent, thoughtful, smart and respectful.  He will listen, think and figure things out.  He won't  swear at his enemies.  He will negotiate everything from union contracts to development projects with fairness to all--and the big picture in mind.

And he won't run to Hollywood every five minutes to fill his pockets.

Or talk in nothing but platitudes.

He will be a mayor who will do something substantial to prevent the free fall plummet toward junk bond status that is killing this city now.  The precarious mess that the little twerp we elected four years ago to clean up has not been dealt with a whit--in spite of his status as a self-proclaimed financial genius.

As we sink deeper into debt, I guarantee you that if Chuy is mayor, he will do so much better than Rahm Emanuel.  Mark my words.  He won't push everything under the rug until it's time for him to go on to the next thing.  He won't lie and he won't rewrite history.

Yes, Chuy will rub shoulders with the rich--because mayors should.  But he won't forget or ignore the rest of us.  We will be living for the first time in a true democracy in this city if we elect the new guy.  And we will be so much better off.

I have written about Tiny Dancer's mistakes ever since I began writing this blog a little more than two years ago--from his taking Donald Trump to task for putting a logo on his building while allowing a bank (yes an ugly blue and orange bank) to be built in Grant Park!  To his dumping new bike lanes of nutty white plastic on historic Chicago streets without regard to esthetics or safety.

And then there's the George Lucas matter.  Rahm, the dictator, allowing Hollywood's George Lucas to arrogantly come here with his collection of Star Wars memorabilia and Norman Rockwell paintings and want in on Day 1 on our iconic Museum Campus museums. That kind of arrogance is beyond stupid.  It's actually evil.

I will revisit some of these issues with some fresh ideas and perspectives and I will discuss new instances of Rahm's arrogance which negatively affect life in my South Loop neighborhood.  And, perhaps, in your neighborhood, too.

I will archive these posts so they will be easily accessible.

So watch for these posts for the next five weeks.  Keep an open mind.  And don't be afraid to say it, Chicago:  "I can't stand Rahm!"

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