The Obama Library: the South Loop has the perfect solution

The Obama Library:  the South Loop has the perfect solution
Perfect land for the Obama Library

So many people are up in arms over snatching Chicago Park District land for the proposed Obama Library--post Obama presidency.

And they've got a point.  With all the empty fallow land in this city, why upset South Side park-users?

Yes, the library would probably be very pretty and dramatic placed on about five acres of a 20-plus acre piece of park land in Jackson or Washington Park.  But it's really not fair to the residents of the area who don't want it.

And is there really any significant competition for the Library from Hawaii or New York--enough to bust up historic Chicago Park District land--when Obama's Chicago pals are making the decision?  I think they may be thinking not of those other states, but rather their Chicago pals/pols who own Hyde Park parcels and stand to make a fortune if the library gets the people's park land as a donation.  Yes, the same parcel-holders who got jilted and disappointed by the Olympic Committee when the Chicago Olympic bid fell through--the bid that included lots of Olympic-mania destined for the same area, including a Washington Park Olympic Stadium.

But I digress--and while I'm  on the subject of empty fallow land, I have a good idea.

How about the Obama Library being built on a big portion of that 62-acre, never before developed plot of land in the South Loop on the southwest corner of Clark and Roosevelt?  The land that used to belong to the infamous Tony Rezko, the shady political and financial dealmaker who currently resides in the clink.

The land is perfect.  Close to downtown.  Good public transportation.  Plenty of acreage for parking.  Nice vistas.  It has positively everything the builders of a presidential library could want.  Including no history.  Other than natural history--which includes, among other things, lots of foliage and packs of coyotes.

The neighborhood would love it.  We have plenty of shopping now in that same area around Roosevelt and Clark.  Plenty. So why not expand our cultural-political fortunes with a brand new Obama Presidential Library?

With 62 acres of virgin land to work with, the sky's the limit.  The grounds could include not only a library but other cultural, recreational and very notable spots.

Like that other proposed and very controversial scourge that aims to steal public land for the purpose:  The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

Darth Vader meets Barack Obama?

As stated, the land at Roosevelt and Clark is virgin, never used, never developed, never had a history of people.  What better spot for a true blue Chicago meeting of the forces of good and evil?

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