Mrs. Mayor says the South Loop portion of Grant Park was just a whole lot of nothing until….

Mrs. Mayor says the South Loop portion of Grant Park was just a whole lot of nothing until….
The south end of Grant Park, before….. photo/Bonnie McGrath

Until her mayoral husband Tiny Dancer came along and fixed it all up for us dopes in the South Loop, Mrs. Tiny Dancer says the south end of Grant Park felt "like it's kind of always been a whole lot of nothing."  That's what she told yesterday.

Thanks for your opinion from afar, Amy Rule.  But we South Loopers kind of liked our "whole lot of nothing" before your patronizing, condescending know-it-all little husband and his Park District toadies came along and told us we were getting a three-acre skateboard park.

Before that, we had a big grassy field--which isn't easy to find in the heart of the city.  Dogs romped, kids ran, families took their sleds down the hill.  It was a delightful respite.  It was a healthy view of a landscape that could be enjoyed by everyone in the neighborhood.  No noise, no fuss, no muss. Green.  Open.  Nice.

Now we get to have a whole lot of expensive concrete.  Paid for by TIF funds--money taken from Chicago schools and libraries and such that's--in theory, at least--supposed to be used to increase tax revenues in the future. Exactly how does a skateboard park do that?

So instead of using the cash for schools--and maintaining a lovely green area for Chicagoans to enjoy--we'll have concrete razor turns, cement-made ups and downs, masonry and mortar slides--complete with the dreadful noise of skateboards going to and fro.

Although, maybe not so much noise.  Those of us who know skateboarders know they don't like parks. They like city sidewalks with lots of people to jut around.  And scare the living daylights out of.  They like doing bullying things--kind of like your husband does, Mrs. Mayor.

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