Daystar Center has become a Must in South Loop

Daystar Center has become a Must in South Loop

Since I wrote about Daystar Center back in September, and its efforts to become a full service community center at 16th and State for the South Loop, it's made a lot of progress.  Daystar Center was having trouble shifting its identity from a perception that it was part of the Daystar School in the same building--which is a religious school.

But secular they've become.  With Overflow Coffee Bar sprawling along the front of the building, and an eclectic venue just beyond and in back of the coffee house, Daystar Center has arrived.

For instance, tomorrow and Saturday night Daystar is hosting neighborhood resident and storyteller Beth Urech, who does a popular one-woman show called "Act Your Age."  This will be her first hyperlocal performance.  She's never performed right in her own backyard before.

Urech has done the popular show all over the US and the world--but never in the South Loop.  In fact, during a scheduled gig in Aspen a week or so ago, she broke her collarbone skiing.  But the show will go on in the South Loop tomorrow and Saturday--with perhaps some material garnered from her accident.  For more details about the show and to reserve, click here.

Aside from the exercise classes, the Toastmasters group and other things of that nature that Daystar hosts and supports (although no Super Bowl parties yet; for that you have to go to a South Loop sports bar or a South Loop friend's home), they host a lot of movies.  Many with interesting political overtones.

But the movies that really stand out for me are the ones chosen by neighborhood resident, blogger and the movie scholar I call "Film Factotum Steve."  Steve Reginald has an uncanny knowledge of film history, film genre and important facts about movies, movie stars and filmmaking--and he is celebrating a full year heading up his latest and very engaging foray--a movie club that meets at Daystar.  I have totally enjoyed both Double Indemnity and Mildred Pierce during his Film Noir segment last year.  And earlier this month, as part of his screwball comedy offerings, Bringing Up Baby was the Cat's Meow.  (No pun intended.)

For more information about Steve's film club, click here.

But the bottom line is this:  whatever your taste, whatever your pleasure, get down to Daystar Center.  They have it all.

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