The South Loop gets its first real taste of Transformers (the Fourth)

The South Loop gets its first real taste of Transformers (the Fourth)
The helicopter in the South Loop Photo/Chicago Tribune

Three years ago, the South Loop had only one real and consistent connection to the third Transformers movie.  Much of it was filmed in Chicago--but the only thing we ever saw in the neighborhood was the famous camera helicopter.  After leaving the Wacker Drive area, where it was filming the mayhem that befell our fair city in the movie, it flew South over Roosevelt Road--where I often spotted it from my house on State Street.  Where it ended up was anyone's guess.  In the empty land at south of Roosevelt, east of the river at about 14th Street?  Midway Airport?  Gary Airport?  It seemed to be the former.  But I was never totally sure.

This time, the helicopter has actually been spotted working on Roosevelt Road, zeroing in on some action around the Roosevelt Collection.  So the South Loop, it appears, is going to be featured in the fourth Transformers movie.  Very cool!

Trouble is, there was terrific video that I spotted yesterday morning on this site.  It featured the helicopter coming in for a good shot of Fire and Brimstone right on Roosevelt Road next to the aforementioned residential/retail/movie theater complex.  But a few hours later the terrific video was gone.  I searched and searched and searched the site every which way I could but I can no longer find it.  If anyone has any luck, let me know.  Is there some sort of legal action that can be taken against those filming movie filming?  Is that why it's nowhere to be seen?

I did find this video, though, of some Transformers action taking place on Roosevelt Road--but all in all, it's people running and booms coming down to capture that, and it's pretty boring.  But it's definitely the Roosevelt Road bridge, just a hop and a skip from my house.

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