Cal's Liquors gets a new life, or some such

Cal's Liquors gets a new life, or some such

A good friend of mine has been worried about Cal's Liquors at Van Buren and Wells lately.  I should say she's worried about the old Cal's Liquors.  Cal's has been outta there now since New Year's Day and the place is weird.  Or so she says.

She's right.

cal's 3She's worried that rats can get in and run around.  Or people.  And then what?  The level of deterioration is not good.  Who knows why it lays fallow?  Are there plans for another business?  A tear down?  A rejuvenation of any kind at or on the property?  What gives?   The owners are reported to have said a new and improved place is on the way.  But is it?

One person who won't be harboring himself  inside Cal's Liquors is a guy named Adel Daoud, from Hillside, a 19-year-old "terror suspect," who reportedly tried to blow the place up last September.  Why he wanted to do that, no one seems to know.  But he's in jail awaiting trial on charges that include trying to have an FBI agent killed.  So he's out of the running as a trespasser for now.

cal's 1But maybe other South Loopers want to get in, relax and relive old times.  Who knows?  I don't think so, though, because I went by there a few weeks ago and the lights were turned on full blast and you could see the whole place through the big plate glass windows pretty well.  So unless trespassers are in nooks or crannies, or under something like a blanket or a stack of newspapers, it ain't gonna happen.  Cal's will stay empty.  Save for a rat.  Or rats.

Or will it?  Who knows the story?

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