The Stanley Cup Visits My Neighbor, The Scout

The Stanley Cup Visits My Neighbor, The Scout
The Stanley Cup at The Scout/Chicago Tribune

I've always liked The Scout.  Even before The Stanley Cup visited it yesterday morning.  Even though I hate that it replaced a place I really loved:  Opera, a pan-Asian delight at 13th and Wabash, just a block from my house.  And even though I hate the fact that they run you off the patio too early at night so as not to jeopardize their patio license that has very rigid hours.  Because the sports fanatics inside make a lot of noise.  And it's much more peaceful out on the street under an umbrella, sipping beer.

But ever since my first visit to The Scout almost two years ago, I've liked it.  All I had that first day was coffee cake, specially made for our Alderman/Democratic Committeeman Bob Fioretti's gathering on a Saturday morning.  Since then, though, I've had things like brussel sprout salad, black bean burgers, grilled cheese and lots of Allagash White.  My favorite wheat beer.  With lemon.

I actually met The Scout's managing partner, Chris Bravos that first day over that great coffee cake, who told me he was a graduate of Columbia College Chicago in marketing.  And he also told me how he had his chef whip up the very delicious and traditional coffee cake for the meeting.  Of which I ate too much and stayed too long.

I have no doubt Bravos was a great student.  The minute the place opened it's been crowded.  Really crowded.  A true destination place.

But yesterday morning was the crowning glory, so to speak, of his PR prowess.  As The Blackhawks made their rounds around town--beginning in the wee hours of the morning with The Stanley Cup--one of its first stops was at The Scout.  People who read about the impending arrival of The Cup on Twitter came right on over to say hi to it.

Including the mayor.  And some TV helicopters, which hovered over my house for a good while.  Which woke me up.  Yet another thing to hate about The Scout in the face of my "like affair"  with it.


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