Water, Water Everywhere at Old St. Mary's

Yesterday was Water Day, you might say at the South Loop's Old St. Mary's school.  The students' cups were running over.  With water.  Water projects dealing with lakes and rivers and wetlands, not to mention lots of tubes and pumps--even dog bowls--were dancing in their heads.  And these heads are smart, I must say.  And energetic; second-graders went out to clean up a Lake Michigan beach.  They're good-hearted, too.  Fourth-graders raised $1400 to build a well in Africa.  I dropped over there to soak up the scene, so to speak.  And I saw some darn great water projects.  I learned some darn good facts about good old H2O that I never knew before.  I even drank some water during a taste test.  Here is some of the water stuff the students concocted.  No water balloons or water guns, though.

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