John Corigliano on My Mind and in My Pictures

The famous Pulitzer Prize winning, Oscar winning, Grammy winning composer John Corigliano came back to Chicago (he was CSO composer in residence 27 years ago) from his home in New York this past week to celebrate his belated 75th birthday with Chicago musicians and their friends.  I spent a lot of time with him, most of it in the South Loop.  On Monday, Gaudete Brass played some of his pieces--along with pieces composed by his former students who were also in attendance at Ganz Hall at Roosevelt University.  On Tuesday, a 75-member Fulcrum Point orchestra played live the original movie score that Corigliano wrote for the 1980 film "Altered States,"--while the audience at the Harris Theater watched the movie.  On Wednesday, Corigliano was back at Ganz Hall while Chicago Chamber Musicians played some of his most significant works.   And on Thursday, PianoForte Foundation hosted pianists Ursula Oppens and Winston Choi, who played Corigliano compositions in Curtiss Hall at the Fine Arts Building.  My boyfriend Bruce Oltman wanted to get a picture of me with the famous half Italian, half Jewish composer--his father was concertmaster with the New York Philharmonic for 23 years, and his mother was a pianist and teacher--but I was reluctant to disturb him.  Bruce snapped my picture with him during the week, anyway--in his own little wink-wink way.

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