Columbia College Chicago's Manifest: an update

Columbia College Chicago's Manifest:  an update

There's been some heavy traffic on my blog of late.  My last post--a guest post written by a neighbor a few blocks over expressing her concern about loud music and other noise from Columbia College Chicago's annual all day Manifest Urban Arts Festival in May (in the middle of which she lives) garnered some attention.  More than 1100 "likes" so far, not to mention 69 comments, all in favor of Manifest's right to showcase music and art but just once a year, noise or no noise.

This morning, I received the letter below from Columbia College's Steve Kauffman, Sr. Director of Public Relations, who said it was being distributed to residents and condo associations in the campus area.

Dear Columbia College Friends and Neighbors:

We are excited to invite you to attend the upcoming Manifest Urban Arts Festival on Friday, May 17th, as we celebrate its 13th anniversary. Since its inception, Manifest has served to showcase the incredible bodies of work of our students and to celebrate our creative community, of which we consider you a part of. This year’s festival will bring whimsy and wonder to our streets while spotlighting the work of our graduating students.

We hope the changes made for the 2012 Manifest helped to make the festival a better experience for our neighbors and guests. We have continued to adjust and implement various measures in response to some community concerns. For the upcoming 2013 festival taking place on Friday, May 17th, we will take the following measures in our planning and preparation to help assure the comfort of our neighbors:

  •   We will continue to comply with all city rules and regulations.
  •   Audio checks will not begin before 8 a.m. on Friday, May 17.
  •   Manifest featured guest performances will end at 8:30 p.m. (one hour earlier than previous festivals and city requirements).
  •   The main festival tent will be deconstructed on Saturday, May 18th avoiding any overnight construction and associated noise.Please visit the Manifest website at for a complete schedule of activities, which includes more than 75 student showcases, an art walk and Great Convergence.Your continued support for Manifest is greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing you out on the streets for this signature event.


    Norman Alexandroff
    Director of Internal and External Partnerships Columbia College Chicago

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