Jersey Mike's Subs is my new neighbor! Yikes!

Jersey Mike's Subs is my new neighbor!  Yikes!
photo/Bonnie McGrath

I'm always getting new South  Loop neighbors.  Like Bedding Experts.  And Starbucks.  And Trader Joe's and Fitness Formula Club.

Suddenly, I have Jersey Mike's Subs as a new neighbor.  On Roosevelt.  Just east of State.  North side of street.

The latest in the big chain, Jersey Mike's opened a couple of weeks ago.  But this morning they had an official ribbon cutting.  I spotted the event last night in a neighborhood e-newsletter.  And figured I may as well go over and meet the new neighbor.  And I must say, the place is spotless.

Jersey Mike's offered no free food to the few guests who came by about 10:30 this morning to say hi, though.  Not to staff members of the Near South Planning Board, who circulated the information about the ribbon cutting.  Not to me.  Not to anyone.  Which I thought was kind of weird.  So I still don't know what Jersey Mike's food tastes like.  Because all I brought with me was my IPhone and my IPad.  No money. No credit card.  Jersey Mike's is close enough to home that I could go there in my nightgown--with a coat over it, of course--which, by the way, I didn't do this morning.  What I mean is I can travel light.

But they did familiarize us visitors with their charitable contributions.  Of which there's already been a substantial amount to the neighborhood schools:  $817 to the South Loop Elementary School.  And $811 to Jones College Prep.  This was done by offering free subs in the last two weeks to those  making a contribution to one of the schools.  Jersey Mike's also has monthlong charity drives for larger concerns like Lurie Children's Hospital.  But these are just outright requests for cash or credit card contributions, which don't involve a free sub.

Last but not least, I did take home a menu.  So here are two of the more interesting subs that my new neighbor Jersey Mike's is offering to us South Loopers:  Number 56, the Big Kahuna Cheesesteak--grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, jalapenos and extra cheese.  And number 2, Jersey Shore's favorite--provolone, ham and cappacuolo.

Welcome, new neighbor.  Next time I'll be there with some currency.  Promise.


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