The Inauguration From Printers Row

The Inauguration From Printers Row
Me/Champagne/Inauguration photo/Bruce Oltman

Just about now, all the Champagne I drank this morning and early afternoon is wearing off.  But there was a lot to be happy about and toast at my friend's place on Printers Row today, Inauguration Day.  She invited all her girlfriends and their friends to her Second Official Barack Obama Inauguration party at Dearborn and Polk.  And this one was even better and sweeter and had more Champagne than the first one in 2008.

Four years ago, I ran out in the middle of the festivities to witness a critical moment in history. I walked the less-than-five-minute walk to the Army recruiting office at Harrison and State to ask the recruiters what it felt like the moment that their Commander-in-Chief went from one to another. What it felt like during the very second that the country changed hands--from a complete idiot to a pretty smart cookie. They weren't as excited as I was.  They were more interested in whether I had children of recruitment age. I told them my daughter was 26 and they gave me a beautiful "Army Strong" T-shirt, which I have been wearing ever since.

But today was different. The country wasn't changing hands, thank goodness. The Commander-in-Chief was staying on, thank goodness. And all my girlfriends and some of their husbands and my boyfriend and lots of food and drink were present at my friend's Printers Row loft, thank goodness. And happy days were sticking around. Not to mention that the very popular "President Obama's Neighborhood" Hyde Park downloadable walking tour that I wrote for EveryTrail (and which has been viewed almost 4,000 times now) was going to remain popular for at least another four years--instead of a Mormon Tabernacle nondownloadable secret tour for Mormons only tour.

Speaking of "Tabernacle," when the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir performed during the inauguration this morning, it got us to wondering what a tabernacle is exactly. So we smart-phoned it and found out that a tabernacle was something that housed a divine presence during the Exodus.

But that's not all we talked about during the inauguration. We talked about how big and pretty Malia and Sasha got--just like old ladies do, which is what we are now. We talked about the fact that something was different about Michelle. Was it her hair, her makeup?  Did she have a face lift?  And what exactly was she wearing under her coat? We talked about Hillary's roots showing.  We wondered why Chuck Schumer and Lamar Alexander were getting so much face time. And why Nancy Pelosi needed such big pieces of paper for her notes in order to make such a short little speech. We wondered what Scalia was thinking; and what Beyonce was thinking; and about the fact that Kelly Clarkson's roots were showing.

And we liked the poet and his poem.

We read the tweets that were scrolling across MSNBC with the hashtag #MSNBC.  In fact, I tweeted one.

One of my girlfriends wore her old Obama/Biden buttons--one on her dress and one on her coat--and I was sorry I didn't drag mine out and wear them again, too. Because if not now, when?

Another interesting thing that happened was that our hostess's dog had chewed up her remote control and the TV had to be worked  manually, which was something we all sort of felt horrified about at first. But it wasn't so bad.

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