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Surviving the Cold Winter with Kids

Surviving the Cold Winter with Kids
My children are outdoor children, no doubt about it. They love to be outdoors, in the water, in the dirt, and in the sun. So winter is always hard on them. I try to keep their toys as organized as possible. Organized toys means they can spend more time using their imagination and less time... Read more »

Tips for Surviving the CTU Strike

My daughter is super high energy, and she has some disabilities, so I was concerned about her falling behind with the strike happening. Im going to pause here and tell you – please don’t turn the comments into a political firefight. Thank you. First, I’m extremely fortunate to have a great village to help me... Read more »

We are Obsessed with Drawing on the Walls

No. Seriously. We, as a family, love drawing on the walls. When we lived in the Western Suburbs *anime love eyes* we had a chalkboard wall where we put all our to-do’s. We also taught our daughter all her colors, all her letters, phonics, and shapes using this chalkboard. I have a weird emotional attachment... Read more »