We are Obsessed with Drawing on the Walls

No. Seriously. We, as a family, love drawing on the walls.


When we lived in the Western Suburbs *anime love eyes* we had a chalkboard wall where we put all our to-do's. We also taught our daughter all her colors, all her letters, phonics, and shapes using this chalkboard. I have a weird emotional attachment to this chalkboard. *wipes away tears* ahem.

Lately, we are using a whiteboard to plan our daughter's schedule. She finds this quite soothing - being able to see her whole day laid out before her.


We also add her sight words to the side of it, and have her read them out loud before she leaves. That way, she can leave each day feeling like she already accomplished something. She doesn't have to read all of them, but she has to try.

I was a super shy child. How shy, you're wondering? I once was out of school with pneumonia for a month and the teacher didn't notice. She sent a note home telling my parents I haven't turned in homework in two weeks. It was actually four weeks. I still can't believe my parents opted to pay tuition for that school, with stories like these.

We also have a family calendar. Also on the wall. My mother looks at us like we are wild animals for drawing on the walls. But hey, we are organized animals, no?

Anyway, what do you do to keep your family on schedule and organized?

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