I'm simply a 24 year old who is still on track to full fledged adulthood. I've been completely independent from my family since my second semester of high school and never looked back. This has resulted in many mishaps, learning experiences, and rollercoaster times, all of which have truly molded me into what I am today.

Feminism is a big part of my life, and so is the LGBT+ community. I enjoy working with youth organizations and providing social work for those who need it. I'm also one of those friendly faces at Chipotle making your burritos and still asking you if it's okay if the guac is extra.

I don't write to be excellent or even grammatically correct, I write to engage and to learn. This life is all an experience one after the next for me, and I'm constantly tumbling through unguided and sometimes a little optimistically uncertain. So if you don't mind, just bear with me and my haphazard disposition and this could turn out to be less painful than anticipated.