Record Store Day 2018

It’s 41 degrees in Chicago right now as I begin writing this to be posted later tonight. I’m sitting cocooned in jackets and blankets next to my significant other for much needed warmth, waiting patiently on the sidewalk of North Broadway. Why, you may ask? Well, I’m sqautting about 9th in line outside of Reckless Records, awaiting the releases of an abundance of vinyl albums that are only present in limited quantities.

This entire adventure started with reluctantly waking up at 5am, and driving to the Chicago from my current place of living, Bolingbrook, and sitting on the cold hard sidewalk from 6:30am to the store opens at 10am.

In half an hour (currently 9:30am in this part of the post) the doors will open and customers will hungrily pour in. Only a certain amount of people will be able to go in at a time to keep chaos at bay. The line stretches out the door and down the street as eager collectors and music enthusiasts alike brave the long cold hours to get a chance to purchase precious sought out records. A list of the special release records can be found here for anyone curious what the roster was this year.

If you are not sitting here grueling the weather with me now, you may have your hopes on snagging some of these limited addition records on sites like eBay or Amazon from the comforts of your own home, but most likely at jacked up prices. You may also have the opportunity of buying them in store at a later date, that is, if any copies are still left after today.

That is the biggest and sweetest benefit of waiting in line, though, you can purchase your albums at a guaranteed reasonable price and also in brand spanking new condition (never before opened or fiddled with). If you are looking to turn over some money, waiting in line is also up your alley as it ensures you bargain prices to later sell some of those rarities to the highest bidder. Most times you will make two, three, or four times the price you paid for it.

Sounds pretty sweet to some, but for me? I’m in it for the music this year yet again. With special releases like Juicy by the notorious BIG and a 30 year anniversary release of Rob Base and EZ Rocks hit It Takes Two, I am hopefully in for a treat. Some of the limited editions come in fancy colors, designs, picture discs, you name it and it was there today. Everyone is waiting in line anticipating to see if this specific store they’re at carries any of the records they are looking for, how many, and if their placement in line will give them the upper hand in achieving these treasures.

What I’m most looking forward to this year?

The popular duo (and a personal favorite) Run The Jewels is releasing the Stay Gold Collectors edition this very day. This includes a Stay Gold metal box to house you RTJ vinyl collection that then constains goodies like a clear 12” vinyl record with the notorious RTJ chains etched into the record itself, a set of seemingly Jaws/Godzilla inspired stickers (because why not?), and a fabled RTJ slipmat for your gorgeous record player. The vinyl includes the songs Kill Your Mastetrs/Kill Your Mastetrs Instutmental. / Stay Gold (remix) feat Gangsta Boo/Stay Gold (Remix) Instrumental.

I was actually able to snag one of these puppies. My heart was racing as I gave the cashier my mini list of most wanted records, RTJ was number one on the list and the quantity was one might consider not that many. 5,000 sounds like a lot, but when spread across the United States at certain locations? That makes it a more sought out but hard to get kind of treasure. Fortunately, I walked out with one in hand. Both hands, actually, the whole kit and caboodle is quite large and beautiful upon opening from its weirdly cool box it was shipped in.

If any of you were out and about today getting records for a steal, share in the comments below! I'll provide a few pictures of my Run The Jewel spoils for you all to enjoy!

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