Let's talk pink nail polish

Today I'm sporting something new, but it's not for my benefit.

Last night I painted my nails with much gusto (and frustration, it was really hard I promise). To some of you, that comes as quite a surprise, because you know that I'm not the feminine or girly type of person. What sprung this decision you might be wondering? Well I'm glad your hypothetically asked.

As many of you know, a young girl by the name of Leelah Alcorn took her life recently. It was heartbreaking, and it has hit home to people from all over.

The lack of support she felt from her family about her identity was the biggest factor in her decision. She was a trans* individual, that's who she was, but the love and acceptance for her true self was no where to be found.

I'm not here to sit down and write out all the details of what happened or why it happened. I'm not going to talk your ear off about my opinions about who is in the wrong or in the right. Quite frankly, it's not really my place.

But, I will say, in this time of mourning, an entire community of people brought themselves together to do a little something wonderful.

Pink for Leelah. Have you heard of it? Well you're in the right place reading the right stuff if you haven't. I found out about it online, tumblr to be more exact. To show love and support for Leelah and the transgender community, you could say an awareness event sprung up from the ground and grew rather fast.

January 6th, this day, was marked as the day were individuals were asked to paint their ring finger nail the color pink to show support. It was simple, and many people strived to get the word out. I chose to participate, thinking maybe a few people here and there from the LGBT community would participate.

And boy, was I wrong about that.

Immediately, when I awoke this morning to check my morning texts and tumblr dashboard, it was to be seen all over. Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, even Vine. It swept social media more than I thought it would among many of the youth and even adults to my surprise.

People from all walks of life painted their ring finger nail varying shades of pink. I opened Facebook and the first post I read said "not too manly for nail polish" posted by a friend of mine, beneath a picture of his pink painted finger nail.

I was amazed. I was inspired.

I posted my picture on Instagram as soon as possible, as I inherently posted it on Tumblr and Twitter as well. The amount of likes and reblogs that followed were shocking, and every single one of those people had a picture of their bedazzled ring finger up as well.

I was originally worried about people judging me when I first heard about the awareness day, friends who know my lack of femininity and strangers would give me funny looks for a random pink nail, but this surpasses all of that. This isn't for me, this is much more than my fear and uncomfortable feelings towards makeup and all things girly. This was for someone else. This was for many people.

So I ask you guys, even if it's a little late in the day (I work, I'm sorry) go out, stay in, draw a picture, paint a nail, join in on the awareness with simply a picture.

The time is now to do something so small to make a difference. Snap a picture, tag it pinkforleelah or any of the other numerous tags out there for support. Let's get a start on making a difference. It feels good, I promise!


Here was my little picture for Leelah and the sentence I posted with it on Instagram.

"For Leelah. Even though makeup, nail polish, and the feminine things in life scare me to death and make me uncomfortable, today this feels right. This is not for me, this is for her, and for all the trans* folk out there. You are all loved and you are all extraordinary."

With lots of love forever and always,

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