What Women Want (I'm talking cell phones here)

Remember that movie What Women Want (2000) starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt? It's about a hotshot male advertising executive that gets the power to read what women are thinking through a freak accident? I wonder what kind of capabilities our phones would have if cell phone manufacturers could read our thoughts. The old adage of 'shrink it and pink it' some manufacturers have just doesn't work for me. I mean really, how insulting is it to think that I'm going to purchase a cell phone based on it's size and color alone. What am I, 12?

I need more than just a platonic relationship with my phone. I need a phone that's there when I need it, can multitask as fast as I can and be reliable 100% of the time. Sound good? Enter the smartphone. Today's cell phone market is pretty much dominated by one of two types, the iPhone and the Android, with a combined market share of about 70%. There are plenty of statistics on characteristics of iPhone users vs. Android users. In general, there is agreement that women prefer the iPhone and men prefer the Android. Although, I'm not exactly certain why this is true. The fine people over at Hunch recently wrote an article on the iPhone vs. Android debate. I found their foray into cell phone user preferences interesting and very entertaining. Personally, I currently have the iPhone 4. In reviewing their characteristic chart however, maybe I should reconsider an Android for my next purchase. Although, they did peg me with more likely to hang up on telemarketers, having more than 3 email addresses and liking Kashi GOLEAN Crunch.

I need my cell phone to tell me the quickest way to get from the Northern Suburbs to the City in less than 40 minutes during rush hour. I need my cell to tell me what the specials are at my favorite restaurant in the West Loop tonight. I need my cell phone to be my reference and hold information that I can't possibly be expected to remember, like my sister-in-law's cell phone number because I haven't memorized it yet (sorry, Ang, still love you though!) and be capable of locating my kids when they are away from home. I need to know who's calling without having to look at my phone. So, when Green Eyed Lady plays, I know it's my mother (she's got green eyes, clever, huh?) and I can brace myself for what comes after I answer, 'Hello, Mother.'

I need my phone to keep me up-to-date socially and professionally. It goes without saying that I have face book and Twitter apps on my phone. But my phone also lets me know when there is something of import going on. I can enable push notifications that tell me the latest tech news via Mashable or keep my linguistic skills sharp via a Word of the Day app. I love push notifications! They tip me off to things I may want to know about and I can either take the time to read it, save it for later or dismiss it altogether. I need my phone to be able to accomplish whatever it is that my brain comes up with next. For example, I found myself not being able to make it to my favorite yoga class regularly due to scheduling conflicts, so I purchased a yoga app.

Similarly, I feel that advertising on the mobile can be most beneficial for the consumer. As a busy mom of three girls, I am always looking for a bargain. Whether it's an SMS text notification from the local pizza restaurant telling me that a large thin crust cheese is 50% off on Tuesday night or my favorite hang out telling me that there are 2 for 1 cocktails on Friday night, which happens to be girls night out, I'm interested! I can pick and choose what it is I want to see in the way of advertising. It's not like a TV commercial that you have to sit through and endure to see the remainder of the program (in live time). With an SMS text message or mobile advertisement, if I'm not interested I can delete the message or click close and that's the end of that. I'm in charge here.

So, to make it plain and simple, what does this woman want? I want it all!

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