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Jason Frank Victorious

Jason Frank Victorious
The “Fearless” one has added another win to his short MMA career. Jason David Frank also known as the Green Ranger defeated Carlos Horn at UWC 8. Frank was originally supposed to face James Handy JR but Handy backed out of the fight due to an injury. This fight was a little over 2 weeks... Read more »


The celebrity website as I like to call it and many others do as well has broken into the MMA world and particularly The UFC. TMZ has people all around the world with cameras and free lance reporters covering moves of every celebrity usually in a somber light. Now the company has looked into going... Read more »

Chicago's MMA Coverage

I have been thinking about this the last couple of days of how MMA has dissented into Chicago area and the surrounding areas. In my opinion I just don’t think the MMA scene is getting enough exposure to the Chicago area. It really disappoints me that the number 3 market in the United States is... Read more »

Anderson Silva's Antics

His nickname is the Spider and he has been in The UFC for 4 years now and he can be argued as the best pound for pound fighter in Middleweight Division. You have to give this man credit that he is very good at what he does and he wears a championship belt to support... Read more »

Support The Troops UFC Style

There are so many brave individuals out there in the world but the bravest in my opinion are the men and woman who serve at war for this country. They are the most risking their lives every day and any sporting event that they can see would be moral boost for each and every one... Read more »

UFC 111 Live Chat

Hope you can join me tonight for a live chat during the event. <a href=”” >UFC 111</a>

WEC 47

Last night WEC 47 took place in Columbus Ohio. There were a lot of surprises and close calls throughout the evening. Below is a rundown of the card and my opinion of each fight. Lightweight Division Bart Palaszweski VS Karen Darabedyan Outcome: Palaszweski via submission (Armbar). Notes: I really liked how Karen was attacking Bart... Read more »

UFC's Mike Goldberg

I had chance to talk with Mike Goldberg and below is the interview. Mike was a pleasure to interview and below are some of the links that relate to him. I hope you follow him on Twitter as he loves talking with his fans and can relate to anybody. Mike Goldberg’s Twitter Page Wikipedia Page

TUF 11 On The Way

Spike’s most popular MMA show The Ultimate Fighter is returning to the cable station March 31st. The two trainers for this show are Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell and Tito “The Huntington Beach Badboy” Ortiz. These two trainers will be coaching middleweight MMA fighters for a chance to win a UFC contract. Also on the show... Read more »

Frank Mir Out Of Line?

Current WEC commentator and UFC Fighter Frank Mir was caught up in some controversy over the last few days. Mir went onto a local Pittsburgh radio show and said this about Brock Lesnar. “”I want to fight Lesnar. I hate who he is as a person, I want to break his neck in the ring,... Read more »