The Title Reign of Nikki Bella

The Title Reign of Nikki Bella

WWE Diva’s Champion Nikki Bella has shown that she is fit to represent the women in wrestling and that effort has included a 279 day title reign. However with the recent NXT roster surge, this weekend Nikki’s match at SummerSlam is a unique one. Team Bella will take on both Team B.A.D. and Team PCB.

Nikki took some time to talk with me regarding her upcoming match, her title reign, and her boyfriend John Cena.

The Diva’s Championship has always been looked at as a belt that can carry the diva holding it. What are your thoughts on your title reign that is close to becoming the longest in the WWE?

I think it has gone amazing. I think I have done a lot of great stories. It all started with me turning on my sister and that whole story with Stephanie McMahon. It wasn’t only a great story for the WWE but for woman in our industry. The story started with Daniel Bryan and it was so real and felt so captured by it.

To be a part of the big turn at SummerSlam last year and have amazing promos with them was just great. I wasn’t happy on how they ended the story-line with my sister, but I won the Divas Championship and it has opened doors for many more great stories.

Do I think my title should be defended every Monday Night like the U.S Championship is? Absolutely not. That’s not what this title is about. That’s what works for John’s championship but it’s not for me. Having my sister by my side and acting like two brats and telling others “You can’t touch us” has started that NXT revolution. Look at what the reign has done and it keeps giving more and more to the WWE Universe. I am so proud to be a part of this experience and ultimately honored.

Your SummerSlam match is a little different where you aren’t defending your Diva’s Championship. What are your thoughts on your opponents and how it will fit into the four hour PPV time slot?

Like you said it is something different and unique. We are all getting all three teams in one ring at the same time. I think that is going to be the best part. Plus being included in the four hour show is awesome and looking at the other matches how can you not be excited?  We all can shoot for the bragging rights in our match and of course it’s going to be Team Bella. I think this is going to be an amazing match with so many amazing woman.

“Total Divas” has developed quite the following not only for the WWE Universe fans but for the reality TV viewers as well. How long do you think this show can sustain the success and audience it pulls in each and every season?

I think it’s as long as people are interested in what we are doing. The thing about the WWE is we don’t have seasons. The landscape is always changing and I think with Total Divas that’s what will keep it going. I think it will be around for a very long time because it’s just not based on one person or character.

Your boyfriend is fellow superstar John Cena and has made a name for himself in the WWE. How is it for you to travel with your boyfriend who also works in the same profession?

I have to say we are fortunate because we do get to work together. Wrestling is one of common interests as a couple. We both love what we do and we put our careers first. If I am having a bad day I can run to John and grab a hug. I think if one of us is no longer in the ring tomorrow I think we still be as strong because we both understand and lived the business. Once you know the schedule and life it makes you strong.

John has helped me so much with my in-ring work and with me trying to being a perfectionist it helps to bounce ideas or try holds on him.

It really is comforting knowing I have him there as well as my brother in law when he’s on the road.

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