Mick Foley: Comedy & Santa Claus

Mick Foley: Comedy & Santa Claus

Tomorrow night, Mick Foley returns to Zanies in Rosemont with his comedy show. After one year across the United States, he decided to tour the country again to talk about wrestling and anything that comes to mind. Mick took some time to talk about his 2nd show in Chicago, his new movie, and the WWE Network.

November 20th you return to the Zanies in Rosemont. You first brought your show to the same location last year and it was a Sold Out Show. This year isn’t different as the show is going to be filled to capacity. What have you changed differently in your presentation from the last time you took the microphone?

You know what? I will bring the same enthusiasm I always do.  It’s like an artist with a new album. There’s a whole new theme being brought forth. I try to do with my shows with what I did in the ring. I try to leave a little of myself out there.

Practice makes perfect and I’ll be there with new themes and ideas.

People come out to your show because of the your persona Mick Foley. Your comedy career is picking up with the tour again across the US, but you also have a movie that has been released entitled “I Am Santa”. Can you talk about how the movie and acting ties into your overall comedic personality?

Well I lead a pretty interesting life.  It’s pretty a straight storytelling show when I go on the road. But, in regards to the movie you wouldn’t believe the amount of heat I get from Santa impersonators. I find that funny that I get more heat from them when I was a bad guy in the WWE.

A lot of those people make those assumptions before they see the movie, but when they see it they go “Well I got mad about nothing; it was a pretty good movie."

I will definitely include some Santa references, but in a wrestling context.

Santa Claus has been a big part of your character in the WWE when the holidays came around. How did this movie part come into fruition?

I took this story right away because of the theme. It’s about guys that put their heart and soul into an iconic character. They are so happy when they enter that world and making many little children smile. I am the type of the guy that can spend his life in Kansas and then jump back into Oz whenever I want.

Every year these guys get ready for the season and they are ambassadors of Santa. It’s eye opening to see what they go through.

A few weeks ago you attended WWE to promote the Hell in a Cell PPV. What are the feelings for you after all these years standing behind a curtain right before you approach thousands of people?

This was a big role for me and the segment was a big stepping-stone for the PPV. I was nervous which is healthy. I wouldn’t have gotten nervous if I was just doing a guess spot on the show, but this was different. WWE realizes now that I can be called upon to add to their shows in an important manner.

The WWE General Manager spot on Raw or Smackdown has always been a big hit or miss. You mentioned in the past that you would be interested in that role again if it should come across your desk. Do you think this “position” has gone stale or is it something that can be rejuvenated?

I think their needs to be a balance of power. I think on screen the Authority has had too much power for too long and it’s been a little heel heavy.

I would hope I am on that short list of candidates for that type of role if it does arise. And if it was brought forth to me, I think I would do it. And with my personality I think I can bring a fresh attitude towards that "higher power".

The WWE Network hasn’t had the launch that the company would have liked but it still has plenty of content you can’t find anywhere else. What is the Network like for you when you go watch old matches or PPV’s you participated in?

Well I think it’s a great tool for me personality as it introduces a whole new generation of fans to who I was. They can discover my multiple characters over the years and it’s great to see.

When I come back to WWE guys are coming up to me asking about their matches and it’s very humbling. I think every wrestler needs to be a student of the game and continue to evolve.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to look back at things that worked 20 years ago and use them in their character or setting today. I have no problem someone borrowing from the Mick Foley library.

Your daughter has gathered a huge social media following on Twitter. How is it for you to see your daughter deal with the many persona's that interact with her on a daily basis?

She’s really good at it. I am may have helped her get her foot in the door. She has a lot of followers that don’t follow me. She also has many people that think she’s more entertaining than I am. I do spend a lot of time promoting my events while she’s on there just giving her feedback on things. It comes across entertaining and she’s become a fan, with fans.

"I Am Santa Claus" is out now for purchase. (Rated R)


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