The WWE Network Is Changing Digital Media

The WWE Network Is Changing Digital Media

The digital network has been revolutionized.

Little over a week ago the UFC launched their digital network entitled “Fight Pass” and there was a mixture of cheers and boos. I personally think the UFC Fight Pass is a good start for the company and it will continue to get better with a few tweaks. But tonight, the digital network has changed for everyone and for the better.

The WWE announced their own internet “channel” with the introduction of the “WWE Network”. With so many years in the wrestling business, the WWE has plenty of videos and content to satisfy anyone. The media library is going to be filled with material from every type of fan from the Attitude Era to the WCW years. Many fans will be intrigued of what the network has to offer and the most intriguing point is the cost.

The WWE Network will cost $9.99 a month, with a 6 month agreement. This will include every PPV, Raw and Smackdown replays and all the content that has expanded over the WWE's timeline. You cannot beat that price for what the money will go towards. PPV’s can cost up to 50 dollars and with this network you will be saving well over 500 dollars a year.

Instead of gathering 5 friends to off set the cost, one person can host the party and have a rotation every month on where to watch. It's the perfect business model and a perfect cost for consumers.

Attacking piracy is a big thing for the WWE as they look for illegal streams of their PPV's and take them down as quickly as they go up. Now, paying only 9.99 is something that will definitely deter people from going onto the internet and looking for a stream for no cost. It’s a great way to bring down the illegal activities and add more money to the WWE bankroll instead of losing it to one person streaming the PPV to numerous others.

Yes, I have been a WWE fan over the years and jumping back into the Attitude Era is going to be entering a time machine. Who can forget the WCW/WWE Wars as well as the Invasion Angle? It all comes back to when everyone was a child and wanted to do some kind of wrestling move off their sofa.

I’ve been reading the WWE Network is being compared to the UFC Fight Pass which is not fair. One is sports entertainment and one is a true sport. The UFC has a great team of media and digital teams and I’m sure they will adjust their own digital channel to something that fans will enjoy. A lot of people are up in excited today because the twenty to thirty year men and woman, all watched wrestling back in the early 90’s when it became a part of mainstream media.

I'm sure more details will be released soon but the announcement is just the beginning. There will be plenty of round table discussions with past and current members of the organization and who better to host it that good old Jim Ross. No matter what anyone believes, Jim Ross is known as the voice of the WWE and bringing him back into the fold to help these special projects off the ground, would be the only logical choice.

When Feburary 24th hits and the countdown clock hits zero I will be signing up for the WWE Network to not only keep up on a few athletes but to relive my childhood.

I’m sure many will be doing the same to relive that one elbow dropped that landed on the couch cushion like Jimmy 'Super Fly' Snuka.

The wrestling fan universe is filled with many different individuals and when the WWE Network launches it will be a well timed family reunion.

Just bring $9.99 and plenty of free time.

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