Jordan Mills: Not Just a Football Fan

Jordan Mills: Not Just a Football Fan

Jordan Mills was taking in the sights and sounds of the UFC Media Day and wasn’t afraid to interact with the personalities of the UFC. The Chicago Bears offensive lineman sporting a boot after his recent surgery has been quite the advocate of MMA especially with UFC invading the United Center this Saturday.

What splurged your interest in mixed martial arts as well as the UFC?

Wrestling was a big part of my life back in the day. It was for everyone. But the UFC is the up and coming sport that is really starting to take over not only myself, but the locker room as well. Everybody is watching now and see how these athletes train and put their body through a rigorous workout. All the hard training they do, the bloodshed, is sort of like football.

I’ve been a fan of the UFC since I was 18 years old. With football you got so many things going on, so I try to catch fights as much I can. I was a big fan of GSP before he “retired” and still am a big fan of Anderson Silva. It’s a great sport and I love watching it and I can’t wait to see it in person on Saturday.

The UFC bug as you can call it is different in every locker room. How much of an interest is there of the sport between your teammates?

A lot of guys seem to enjoy the sport. The big talk of the town was when Anderson Silva broke his leg. Everybody after practice was like did you see that? So there is a general interest in the sport and most of the guys enjoy the fights. Kyle Long is a huge MMA fan and does a lot of training with Jay Glazer in the off season. He says it has helped him a lot taking up this kind of training and lives by Glazer.

Do you have any interest in doing some MMA training after you are healthy?

Now that you mention that, Kyle keeps telling me I should come out to California to train with him and Glazer. He keeps bugging me about getting on the plane and spending a few days with him. From what I heard this training really helps on your mobility and flexibility.

I am all for improving, so once I get healthy I will jump on a plan and hang with Long and get some training done. It will be interesting to see how the MMA techniques come into play for the sport of football.

Main Event: Benson Henderson or Josh Thomson?

They are both great fighters so we will see. Ben has been hitting me up on Twitter lately asking me about the local food spots here in Chicago so hopefully Ben pulls it off. But don’t get me wrong Josh is a great fighter as well and it’s really hard to pick a definite winner.

But if I have to pick somebody I’ll go with my boy Ben. Hopefully Saturday he pulls out the win and we can get to one of those local food spots I’ve been tweeting at him.

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