The MMA World Opening Up For Jim Ross

The MMA World Opening Up For Jim Ross

"It's gonna be a Slobberknocker!"

If you are a wrestling fan you know where that quote originates from. Jim Ross also known as JR is wrestling’s Morgan Freeman.  When you hear the audio, the immediate relationship of the person with that voice hits your mind. That’s the kind of impact Jim Ross has had on the wrestling community.

It was with great sadness to hear last week Jim Ross was “retiring” from the WWE and his run came to an abrupt end. Now I won’t get into the rumors and “he said she said” issues because the truth will never fully be revealed. No matter the case, it was a sad day for the wrestling community.

Jim Ross is that voice you hear like is comparable to Al Michaels calling the "Miracle" hockey game in 1980. With every play Michaels described, you had that feeling of being in the building. Jim Ross did that for the wrestling matches he has called over 40 years.

He didn’t make the stories about him and never took time to turn the spotlight away from the action. With the retirement of Jim Ross from the WWE it seems that no one will ever equal the success that he compiled.

According to Jim Ross himself he feels healthier than ever and is always looking for the next opportunity. He has a successful BBQ sauce business and seems to be happy laying low for a short period of time. But, when he gets that itch to do something big again in the sports business, why not the UFC?

The UFC is a company that I think would welcome Jim Ross with open arms. According to Ross himself, he has had a few meetings with UFC President Dana White a few months ago.

"It was impromptu, casual, very quick, but a very positive meeting with Dana."

I think bringing in JR for the voice over part of the UFC shows would be a great addition to already fantastic presentation. Obviously Ross isn’t accustomed to everything MMA and UFC but has tweeted multiple times on the shows the UFC has put on and has established the social media presence.

The great team the UFC has now of Mike Golberg and Joe Rogan shouldn’t and won’t be touched. There is too much chemistry to split them apart. On the other shows there is Jon Anik and Kenny Florian calling the action, who are slowly developing a great relationship.

With Jim Ross you could have him voice over the Countdown Shows as well as the buildups that are aired before each fight. I’m sure Mike Golberg would enjoy the break from the strenuous schedule he faces. Besides the vocal talent, JR could also bring in the casual fan that chooses wrestling over UFC.

It might be a far-fetched idea, but he has a big following and if the UFC starts using him for promos and build ups of fight, that can equal nothing but positives.

Jim Ross’s exit was very surprising from the WWE but this is the UFC’s opportunity to bring in a voice of legendary status. Yes I will feel the same way when his voice doesn’t correlate with a WWE match anymore, but the UFC is a place that can really capture the voice over talent he possesses.

If the UFC does bring in Jim Ross, his own quote fits perfectly for the results.

"Business is about to pick up here!"

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