Paul Heyman Has That Creative Mind

Paul Heyman Has That Creative Mind

There have been a variety of great managers for wrestlers over the years including Jimmy Hart, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan just to name a few.  But one name that continues to put his staple on wrestling manager history is Paul Heyman.

The lead mind in ECW, as well as doing some work in WCW has really found a nitch on being a manager for numerous wrestlers. What started his historic timeline was his first breakout star in Brock Lesnar.

In 2002 Lesnar was already 2 years into his first WWE contract and was slowly making waves with fans and fellow wrestlers but didn’t quite have the vocal skills that were equal to his physical toughness. That’s where Paul Heyman stepped in.

With Heyman you get something that not many managers can carry on night after night. Sure he lived through almost every aspect of the wrestling career but Heyman brings that unique sense that many don’t have. This was the last piece of the puzzle that Lesnar needed to cement his superstar status in the WWE.

Now fast forward to 2013 and Heyman has already managed not only CM Punk but started his own “management organization” that includes; Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel. With the recent angle of Heyman turning his back on CM Punk this sets up for quite the Summerslam match.

Many managers through different companies, including the WWE don’t have that delivery on the microphone that Paul Heyman inherits. When he gets the floor to deliver a promo there’s nothing better than just sitting back and listening.

Various managers try too hard to put their “client” over and be the focal point in a feud. With Lesnar, yes he’s not very good on the microphone but that’s where Heyman shines. He knows how to deliver his words in unique ways that will not only keep the crowd focused but make the conversation feel real.

After last night’s RAW the match for Summerslam will be Brock Lesnar versus CM Punk and Paul Heyman being aligned with Lesnar. With Summerslam being almost 4 weeks away there is plenty of time to build this match into something great. With Punk, you already have a great speaker who isn’t afraid of bringing personal situations into a promo. Lesnar won’t be speaking much in the terms of trading jabs with Punk but Heyman will be the main influence.

Behind the scenes Heyman has worked with Punk for many years and kept pushing him for a WWE roster spot. He mentioned this briefly in last night’s promo but this was just a start to something daunting.

The interactions both of these gentleman will bring leading up to Summerslam isn’t something that you would want to miss. Heyman has always been a great vocal leader behind the scenes but also through angles. With Punk, he has learned a lot from him and this where the student becomes the teacher comes into play.

The PG Rating plays a small role in this and this is where his craft and creative geniuses come into play. With Heyman who has run multiple wrestling companies in the past and knows how to put stories together, will really bring something to this build.

With Summerslam being the second biggest show of the WWE, this is sure to bring a lot of fans to grasp the “reality” of the match-ups.

Paul Heyman carrying the build for Brock Lesnar is something that will make the match that much more to desire for.

He will continue to find the right words to not only convince the crowd that he hates Punk, but will convince the wrestling experts that the PG rating is something that is easily workable.

Summerslam is 4 weeks away and that is plenty of time to build a story that will end with high expectations.

Paul Heyman will be a big part of this and continue to build his resume as one of the best managers of all time.

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