The Voice versus Dana White

imagesWhen you thought “The Voice Versus” series couldn’t get any better, Michael Schiavello continues to increase the expectations.

On this week’s episode Schiavello squares off with UFC President Dana White. It was a collaboration effort from many fans on numerous social media accounts to get this pairing. Watching this entire episode makes you feel like you are at the bar with the both of them just talking with another friend.

With Schiavello as the host and interviewer and White as the interviewee it doesn’t get any better than this. You have probably one of the best announcers facing off against one of the easily accessible sports owners in history. No, that isn’t just a personal opinion but a true fact.

This interview is just not a question and answer but more of a chat over a cold beverage.

Below are some of the highlights that I enjoyed from the episode, so be warned for spoilers.

Dana Pisses Off A Nun.

White told the story about he would slam the door in grade school on a nun and would scare her constantly. She was on the rampage to catch him. He explained he liked dares from his classmates and wasn’t afraid to do things that caused mischief.

Eventually she caught him because the day he kicked the door shut his shoe flew off. He proceeded to run down the hall with a bare foot and she showed him the shoe. That was the last time he kicked any doors shut.


Dana White doesn’t seem to care as it’s very visible around his office. The word f*ck is dominated on the walls and it doesn’t bother him. He believes that is his swearing doesn’t affect another person’s life, who cares?

Besides it's his favorite word to use and thank god the FCC doesn't have a "f*ck-o-meter" on him.

Dana White really lets the viewers into his life more than usual and doesn’t have a publicist screening every question. That’s what makes this interview special.  When the questions are answered there isn't a security blanket in his responses.   That’s the difference between him and any other owner of any sport team or organization.

The Voice never seems to have a filter on his questions either and does extensive research to help make them that much more responsive. This interview is sure to open the doors to the life of Dana White and what it takes to be the UFC President.

The Voice Versus Dana White airs tonight on AXS TV at 9:00 PM.

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