Chicago Needs Another Wrestlemania

Chicago Needs Another Wrestlemania

With the announced crowd of 80,676 seeing John Cena defeat The Rock for the WWE Championship, the Super Bowl of wrestling events is completed for the year. Wrestlemania 30 takes place in New Orleans next year but beyond that locations for future events haven’t been revealed.

Watching Wrestlemania and New York being a hotbed for professional wrestling it seemed the crowd wasn’t into some of the matches through-out the night. Yes, some of those match-ups weren’t up to Wrestlemania levels but the crowds always seem to voice their opinions. Another reason of the silence of the crowd could be the microphones around the ring near the audience weren’t turned up or on at all.

Whatever the case it just seemed the New York crowd was interested or bored  for the spectacle of wrestling events. Might be a little bias but why not bring Wrestlemania to where fans will voice their opinion for the entire 4 hours.

Yes, Chicago has hosted Wrestlemania 3 times since its inception but why not have it somewhere the crowd will be enormous and a location that is part of the city’s history.

Soldier Field is a legendary stadium and would be a no brainer to host a Wrestlemania. The last time WWE held one in Chicago was actually at the Allstate Arena and the attendance was close to 18 thousand. I think the small buildings are starting to be weeded out, WWE is looking to expand the overall gate of the show and increase the revenue of the onsite location.

With the rumors of the Cowboys Stadium possibly getting a hosting opportunity, why not Soldier Field. Plus the location is very easy for plenty of public transportation routes and numerous hotels for any guests.

With the New York stage setup, it featured the Brooklyn Bridge and plenty of other tourist destinations that reflected the city and state. Chicago can follow that lead and feature the Sears (Willis) Tower along with the John Hancock building. Vince McMahon and company are always looking to bring up the wow factor in their events and Soldier Field will definitely do that.

The location is set and now the crowd will be just as loud like every time they bring a regular event through the Windy City. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has called Chicago his favorite city to visit when he was a full time announcer. And if you are wondering about the crowd and how loud it will be, I recommend watching John Cena versus CM Punk from 2011. Yes, Punk is a hometown guy, but the crowd let the two wrestlers know who they were cheering for.

The crowd that forms in Chicago are a smart group of people and pay very close attention to detail.

Chicago’s crowds have always been “hot” and never stray away from any type of match. If you ask me and others, Chicago is ahead of New York as a wrestling favorite and the fans are diehards.

Yes the WWE is PG right now but that means very little to the fans who go to events to scream, yell, cry, cheer and any other type of emotion you can display. With Soldier Field you can fit 61,500 for a football game and that amount could clip past 70,000 for a wrestling event.

Chicago has it all, now it’s time for the WWE and the officials of the city to work it out.

Easy decision, right Mr. McMahon?

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