Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers

“Winners and Losers”

When I received his book in the mail my initial thought was it’s just another book about athletes. But when I opened it and started reading these stories it was more than just interactions with individuals that hold a higher standard in everyday life.

Bob Latham has traveled the world and has seen and heard a lot over his years. With “Winners and Losers” it’s not just stories written on paper but it brings these events into your own life from the athletes you learned to love.

Below are some of my favorite stories that Bob wrote in his book and really made me feel like I was standing right next to him when they happened.

Muhammad Ali:

Bob had several run-ins with the champ and he did attend his 70th birthday He talked about the party itself with many singers from many generations gathering in one place to celebrate this man’s day of birth. There was an interesting dynamic that day and the description of how individuals act out of their occupation was very insightful.

Winter Classic in Chicago:

When I started reading this entry of the book, Latham described the event the same way I felt watching it live as well. Even though I was in the rooftops down left field line it was still a great atmosphere with 41,000 plus watching the game in and around Wrigley Field. He was a lot closer to the field than where I was so he got to experience a lot more of the “buzz” that surrounded the entire event. He even pitched for another outdoor hockey event the very next year.

Ted Williams:

With so many rumors with the great Redsox player being frozen, Bob Latham decided to put those to rest. Bob described the legal issues with William’s daughter from his first marriage and a piece of paper on what to do with his body after he passed on. It developed into a huge court battle that lasted for a while. Somehow Latham was given access to the facility where Williams was located. It was a very interesting read on how he was let into the facility without any credentials.

Those three stories were just a few of many that really touched his life both publicly and personally.  Talking with Bob last week, he mentioned that a new story happens every day and something is always great to write down. Traveling the world like Bob has and traveling too many places is something that many can only dream of.

He mentioned this book is one of the reasons why he wrote it because he knows many are fans of the athletes featured in this book but never get to interact with them. Bob has broken that barrier on how an athlete is in front of a camera and how they act “behind the scenes”. “Winners and Losers” covers a variety of topics from auto racing to NHL All Star games and just doesn’t concentrate on one sport or athlete.

I think this is why this book makes is that much easier to read because the stories are detailed but don’t go into the detail that is a filler for readers. If you are a fan of sports of any kind and are curious on how one man’s adventures has affected his life and others, this is a must read.

Sports is a big part of my life and reading this book really reiterates many of these people have been given special talents and the public is their viewing audience. I applaud Mr. Latham for not avoiding the good and bad in what he has seen over his years. The holidays are coming and this book would be great for any person old and young, who cares about the sports they hold dear to their heart.

"Winners and Losers" can be purchased on Amazon.

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