The Window of Opportunity

The Window of Opportunity

At the end of the 6th round on Saturday night in Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao all but sealed a fight that won’t happen against Floyd Mayweather.

Juan Manuel Márquez closed out that round with a huge right hand and sealed his first victory against Pacquiao in dramatic fashion. It was an impressive win for the 39 year old and an accomplishment he will have for the rest of his life. The problem is though we will never see the title fight that everybody wanted to witness.

With so many egos in the sport of boxing I wasn’t surprised that this fight wasn’t made. With Bob Arum being the bullheaded person he always has been and so many issues with blood and steroid testing the fight was just a pipe dream. It’s disappointing because now with Pacquiao not sure what he wants do next, what is the point of Mayweather taking that fight now?

Putting aside the predictions on who would win that fight, the premise of the two best boxers in the world going toe-to-toe is now dead in the water. This fight should have been put together before Pacquiao fought Timothy Bradley. But again with too many individuals involved in the discussions it was just all hearsay.

Boxing is a very fragile sport right now with very few big names to put together a nice PPV buy rate. However, another combat sport has an owner that cares about the fans and what they want and that’s UFC President Dana White.

You can hate the guy, insult him on Twitter and even threaten to not watch his broadcasts. But for every one of those “fans” there are 10 clamoring for fights that they want to see. With social media it’s very visible that fans want to see a Super Fight with a variety of roster members. If it’s not Jon Jones versus George St. Pierre, it’s Jon Jones versus Anderson Silva.

There have been a lot of suggestions given by the public and they are viable options. Dana White is a fan first and wants to see the biggest fights like everyone else.

The problem with boxing is that the egos are way too big and the money situation is always going to be an issue. When I saw Pacquiao get dropped to the mat on Saturday night, a little piece of me felt crushed not only for him but for the fact that the biggest fight of the decade would never happen.

What is next for boxing that can draw a huge PPV number, that people will recognize both fighters that are casual viewers? The buildup and promotion for boxers aren’t there like the UFC. Social Media right now is a big part of that exposure and boxing seems to be stuck in the first gear.

There is always a small window for making Super Fights and boxing dropped the ball this time around. The same can be said for the UFC because who knows what happens if those fighters lose their next fight. Boxing has already fallen to this issue and I hope the UFC doesn’t do the same.

Money shouldn’t be an issue as well as egos, because with the money that is offered can overtake any ego very quickly. It’s not a bad thing but it’s time to look toward these big fights to not only expand the fan base more but to show that MMA isn’t falling into the mistakes boxing has fallen victim to.

Dana White, the ball is in your court now. Boxing is not what it used to be and MMA finally has the spotlight it deserves.

Hopefully, that window of opportunity doesn’t close before it’s too late.

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