From Nightclub to the UFC Octagon

From Nightclub to the UFC Octagon

Many fans attend a UFC event and go for the fights. Who wouldn’t? But there’s another reason why you should go to an event and keep your ears open.


The nickname that he is known for; Albert Lineses the III is the official DJ of the UFC. Many individuals ignore the music before or between the fights, as they think it’s all prerecorded music. That’s hardly from the truth. With AL3 he does his research on what city the UFC is having a show, but doesn’t hit the play button and sit back. Being the official DJ is a lot harder job than you think.

What was the process of you becoming the official DJ of the UFC?

I spent four years trying to get a mixtape I made specifically for fighting in the hands of Dana White, and along the way told all my friends and family that if Dana White ever heard the mixtape he'd ask me to be the DJ for the UFC. I eventually got booked to DJ the official after-party for UFC 92, in Las Vegas at LAX Nightclub.

I personally handed my mixtape to Dana and two months later he called and told me it was his favorite CD, and booked me to be the DJ for his St. Patty's Day Party in Boston along with legendary group House of Pain at the Roxy.

Three weeks later we linked up in Vegas and he told me that he was totally against the idea of the UFC having a DJ, but if there was a DJ that fit the UFC it was me. About an hour later we were working out in the UFC's private gym and he told me he made up his mind and that I'd be making my debut as the UFC's first DJ at UFC 98. I've been living the dream ever since! 

What is your motivation of DJing each and every UFC event?

Going into each event, I'm always super inspired and amped! I do my research on each city we are in and the countries musical history and celebrated artists. From there I tailor 20-30% of my sets to reflect and pay homage to our hosting city/country. It's incredibly fun and sometimes challenging to come up with creative mixes reflecting each city/country, but I enjoy each minute of it!

With technology always changing, how has it helped you with your mixes?

Technology has made it easier for me to travel with a full arsenal of music, but other than that, I'm still a turntablist & a purist, so everything you hear is mixed live on two turntables, nothing is ever pre-recorded. 

You post many of your mixes on your website and let others have the accessibility to listen to them. Has that helped you improve your mixes getting feedback that quickly?

I love sharing my mixes with people that enjoy the art-form of DJing and love good music, so I've always posted my mixes for free download on my website,, and now I've begun to use as my main platform to share my mixes.

As far as getting my role as the UFC's DJ out to people I just try be the best DJ I can be at every UFC event, and post good mixes and rock innovative sets when I spin at clubs. If people dig what I do, hopefully they'll spread the word. 

Where do you see the occupation of DJing in the next few years?

Thanks to technology everybody seems to be a DJ nowadays and this influx of overnight DJs will either help or hurt the evolution of the DJ art-form. I will say that the DJ is in the limelight far more today than ever before, but the attention isn't actually being focused on the DJs' skills, or in some cases lack of skills as a DJ.

The focus today is based far more on the DJs' celebrity status or social networking presence. I'm on a mission to bring the focus back to where it belongs, the DJs' skills and ability to rock the house and elevate the art-form.

Next time you attend an UFC event keep your ears open and enjoy the sounds of AL3. You can follow him on twitter at ALMF3 and he is very quick to respond on any questions you have. I'm sure you can figure out what the MF stands for and Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta know him as.

Whatever the case, DJing could be simple at a local nightclub, but an UFC event is a whole another animal.

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