Chicago's "Punk"

Chicago's "Punk"

Phillip Brooks.

The name may not sound familiar, but this one might: CM Punk

Currently the WWE Champion and the self-proclaimed ‘best in the world’ had his DVD released a few weeks ago. There is no other way to describe it other than, extraordinary.

This DVD has his entire life covered from when he first discovered his passion for the wrestling occupation and then developing into the struggles he had to get to the top. With CM Punk you get nothing but the truth.

I have seen past DVD’s from the WWE where a wrestler’s life is explored and they followed the same layout. That isn’t a put down on those releases, but with this DVD it is different.

From the beginning, Punk had as much input as he wanted regarding this release and didn’t hide his opinion from the producers. That coincides with his wrestling role, as he isn’t afraid to tell others on what he thinks is right.

Now, if you aren’t a wrestling fan or don’t follow as closely in previous years this DVD is still something a person from Chicago should watch. Punk has a very special bond with Chicago as he was born and raised here, and never hesitates to mention his city. He can be looked at in the same light as Derrick Rose being born in his hometown and being a great representative.

Everybody has had struggles but with this DVD they are magnified. Punk had a rough childhood and that is focused prominently throughout the film.  He used those struggles to achieve something every little boy or girl wants to be someday and that is a wrestler. From every interview he does, he always have this chip on his shoulder, to help him achieve new goals every day. It’s very tough to say that about others that are in the same occupation.

Punk is different.

In the film he gave a big nod to Paul Heyman about helping him get to the next level in his career and was always in his corner. From following Heyman’s career over the years he always has produced great wrestlers and isn’t afraid to put all his “eggs in one basket” and gave his recommendation to others. The same was said about Punk and he finally got the chance to prove himself.

Many were sour on the idea of Punk ever being more than just a mid-level wrestler with maybe a title shot or two along the way. With the commentary from Michael Hayes and Triple H, they even said that Punk was a good athlete but not quite fitting the “WWE mold”. Punk ignored those comments and continued to push on his way towards his goals. He finally got that shot with the newly formed ECW and the rest was history.

To enter somebody’s life through a film is something that is rarely seen especially for an actor that is working 365 days a year. There is no off-season for these individuals and to view CM Punk’s DVD was a pleasure and an honor.

This is not just a wrestling DVD, but an exploration of a man’s life that had its fair share of twists and turns.  If you are looking for a good story, motivation or somebody that is true to the tattoos on his body, purchase this title.

You won't be disappointed.

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