3 Questions to be answered at UFC 148

3 Questions to be answered at UFC 148

With one of the biggest cards in 2012 for the UFC taking place tonight, there are some questions that are on a lot of fans minds. The biggest is what will happen in the Main Event and who will walk out of the arena with the UFC Middleweight Championship

1. Has the trash talking by Chael Sonnen, effected Anderson Silva?

Chael has been insulting Silva, his country and anything that is related to the champion in order to grasp that mental edge. It looks like the banter that Sonnen has thrown at Silva has cracked him a bit but hasn’t quite broken him. Silva has been a different person leading up to this fight but the trash talk could be one of many factors. He could still be frustrated with his last performance, even though picking up the win didn’t look like himself despite the rib injuries.

This isn’t something that’s different for Sonnen, because he can build up a fight like nobody else. It will be interesting to see if the mind games will play a big role come time, the bell rings

2. Will Tito Ortiz finish his career on top?

The Bad Boy of the UFC is finishing his career against a fighter he faced two previous times. Tito recently being inducted in the Hall of Fame has brought the company to the mainstream media with his various feuds and attitude over the years.

Losing his last 2 fights in the way of the TKO variety isn’t something I’m sure he’s happy with. With his last fight against Forrest Griffin, who he has accomplished a win and a loss.  I’m sure Tito will lay everything on the line tonight in Las Vegas, but will it be enough to beat the first winner of “The Ultimate Fighter”?

3. Does Patrick Cote show that he still belongs in the UFC?

Cote has been notably absent from the UFC after being released from his contract after 3 straight losses. He returns after 4 straights win in various organizations to face movie star and fighter Cung Le. Cote’s last two fights have been victories via TKO or KO and in brutal fashion. Originally Rich Franklin was supposed to be in this fight but was an injury replacement for the UFC 147 card.

Cote was given the nod and it will be interesting if he can still find a spot in the Middleweight class. Le is a former champion who has seen his movie career take off recently and still has the desire to fight. If Cote comes out with a impressive victory, he can make the notion to keep his return in the UFC a while longer.

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