CM Punk Talks Chael Sonnen, Jim Ross and More

CM Punk Talks Chael Sonnen, Jim Ross and More

CM Punk is still the WWE Champion and starting to get the publicity he deserves. He was kind enough to talk with me regarding a variety of topics. Yes, I even asked him about the WWE ice-cream bars that once were a consumer favorite. It is always a great time talking to Chicago and this time is no different.

With Raw 1000 coming up you debuted in 2005 for the company. How far do you think the WWE has come as whole during your time with them and what areas do you think they can improve on?

That’s a millionaire dollar question for a billion dollar company. Back when I first started there were a lot of wrestlers that aren’t around anymore. Batista is gone, Shawn Michaels is gone and Triple H isn’t a full time wrestler anymore. Nobody knows if the Undertaker is coming back or not. Things have definitely changed that way, trying to get new talent into those main event levels.

I just think more guys have to get to that higher level and not worry about hurting or offending someone.

If anybody wants to take any advice from me I try to lead by example. I don’t want anybody to do what I did, but I want them to do what I did but in their own way.

I'm sure you watched Chael Sonnen fall to Anderson Silva a few weeks ago. Have you talked to Chael since that fight and what are your thoughts of him possibly joining professional wrestling?

Chael said it himself and said he would go to the WWE and sit in the front row and cheer on my friend CM Punk. I thought that was a great answer. Chael is a fighter and even when I think he is done fighting I think he will become an analyst. He has a great mind for that sport and people love to hear him talk. Would he be a great pro wrestler? Without doubt, but it might be something he’s interested in sure but I don’t think he’s done fighting in the Cage.

A few weeks ago you and Daniel Bryan did homage of sorts to their fight with you working in the final moments of his fight. How did that become of your match?

Chael and I are great friends and I thought maybe the spinning back fist and elbow would help me against Daniel Bryan. Chael and I think alike, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Your DVD and Blu-ray comes out in October. You have had a lot of input regarding the creative side and what makes the final cut. Have you seen the completed project yet?

I have seen the final project and it’s nothing short of amazing.  I’m tooting my own horn here but there was so much hard work put into this DVD. The production people did a great job putting everything all together from a kid who had nothing, to becoming a WWE champion.  As I watched the entire DVD I teared up at times I’m not going to lie. It was a great job done by everyone involved.

You have become a huge advocate of Jim Ross calling your matches over Michael Cole. You sent John Cena a tweet asking him to help your cause.  Do you think JR will behind the announcer’s desk for your match next week?

It’s a crap shoot really. Anything can happen at any time. It all depends on people’s moods at a given time. Nothing against Michael Cole but I think JR has a refreshing take on things in a different perspective.

Finally any word on the ice-cream bars that you tried to get back into circulation?

They are currently in limbo. That’s all I can say right now. Hopefully something happens soon.

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