WMMA With A Bright Future

WMMA With A Bright Future

Women have been looking for years on how to express themselvess for the things they care about. ESPNW.com has been opened up that is entirely ran and supported by females who care about the sports the same way men do. It is no different with Mixed Martial Arts.

A lot of organizations have been put on women fights and offer it through every card they compile. The UFC which is the biggest organization for MMA hasn’t pulled the trigger on bringing the females aboard. President Dana White has said there isn’t enough talent to achieve a weight class for the females. That is a valid point, but maybe with Invicta Fighting Championships being introduced, that will all change.

The company was introduced last Saturday night to the world that is a strictly an all-female organization. Even though the card wasn’t broadcasted on television it gained quite a bit of viewers on their website, with many coming from across the world. I tuned into this broadcast and the impression it left me with was intriguing.

Now many companies like to run one or two woman fights during a card and put all their focus on their ring card girls who guys can whistle or cheer at. This is what most of the business use their females for to gain attraction in between rounds and keep the people focused on the fights. I won’t get into the rights or wrongs about that but everyone has a business plan and have that right to test it out to their consumers.

With Invicta when I watched the entire broadcast it seemed like these could be a place for female fighters for a very long time. The broadcast was very smooth, minus a few transmission hiccups and really looked like they were presenting a product for the 100th time. Yes, this was their first official card and some bouts didn’t go the way the casual fan would have liked but that could happen in any fight. Invicta has been something that woman in this sport have been searching for, for many years.

So many females over the years have said that they want a league where it’s just their own sex taking on each other and not sharing the spotlight with men. The women go through the same type of training the men partake in and prepare like this is a 9-5 job. They pour all their hard work into this occupation and they finally have their own outlet to display their skills.

Now with the first card in the books it will be interesting how the company will continue to sell their show as strictly WMMA. Yes right now the men still dominate the sport but with this company on the upswing, it looks like there is a much brighter future for WMMA than ever before.

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