Hamill Happy with Retirement

Hamill Happy with Retirement

When you hear the word retire it could bring on mixed feelings. Being at one place for such a long time or doing your job for the majority of your life can really be hard to let go. With Matt Hamill it is no different.

After his fight in August of 2011m he dropped what would be his last fight to Alexander Gustafsson. After that fight he declared he was retiring from the sport of MMA. Fast forward to today and Matt still sticks by his decision.

“I had overworked my body the last few years and I knew it was time to recuperate and give my body and injuries ample time to heal. Not a day went by that I didn't feel pain somewhere and I would always work through it, thinking it'd get better but when it came down to it, I realized I needed to listen to my body and not my mind-set.”

There has been a lot of time where Matt has always thought he wanted to return to the cage again and recapture those feelings. The thought was always there but isn’t sure if it’s willing to take him over that aforementioned fence.

“I do miss stepping onto the mat and feeling that rush of adrenaline. Nothing can replace that feeling and that sensation, so of course, I've thought about it. I'm sure this goes for a lot of athletes out there that have retired.”

“It was hard to announce my retirement. I still feel young and able. My body just wasn't keeping up with my mind. I still struggle with it at times but, at the time, it seemed like the right decision to make.”

Besides being retired, Hamill has been using his time to support his movie “Hammer”. It has been well received by critics and he is happy that people are getting the chance to hear his story.

“I think people have a better understanding of what it was like for me and how far I've come. That I just don't ride along on my disabilities, like some have assumed. I had to fight harder than most people every step of the way."

"I am just happy and honored to get that message out to people who are struggling. If it helps one person out there to go where they want to go in life, then it was all worth it.”

With having more time with his daughter now that he retired is a huge positive for Hamill and has a chance to accomplish other things outside of the MMA community.

Asked if he was entirely finished about fighting again he responded with a window of possibility.

“Never say never, time will tell.”

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