Fantasy MMA is Gaining Steam

Fantasy MMA is Gaining Steam

Fantasy sports has become a billion dollar industry and every year more and more people get involved. From football, to hockey and even basketball, fans are indulging into the fantasy worlds. From picking their team to making trades with other owners, people strive to be the very best in their league. But when their season is over many fans just wait until the next year to start all over again.

I am in the same boat doing fantasy football and then waiting till the next season to finish in last place again. But with the UFC there is no off-season and makes a great fit for hungry fantasy players.

However, the world of the Internet again saves us with the introduction of Kountermove. Aaron Ard and UFC legend Randy Couture have started this fantasy site for MMA fans and so far it has received rave reviews.

There have been other sites developed, that have tried the fantasy aspect for MMA but Kountermove has came up with unique set of rules.  With this website you sign up and wager money on different created tournaments and you get a salary cap. Each fighter on their respective card is given a price tag and you get to pick a bulk of fighters to become your “team”. This is where the challenging part comes in.

Many fans are looking at the big fights on each card the UFC puts on but with this fantasy site you have to look at all the fighters from top to bottom. Points are given for a variety of stats so picking the favorites of each fight won’t always get you winning some money. Even in losses for a fighter they can accumulate more stats than the winner. The points are important because at the end of the night the total of the points each of your fighters gain is added up and hopefully gets you in the upper standings.

I have been playing Kountermove for a while now and with some fantasy sites they make it difficult for you to register or try too hard to make something simple, difficult. With Kountermove you have to click two or three pages and you will be all set to indulge yourself in fantasy MMA.

Speaking with Mr. Ard, he has given me some amazing stats for the website that is still considered a “rookie” in fantasy aspects:

5,000 active users

$50,000 already paid in cash prizes

Multiple tournaments each UFC event

Can play for free or as much as $100

With UFC 145 shaping up to be a very big event for not only the company but for fans too, Kountermove has set up a 5,000 dollar prize pool and the entry fee is only 10 dollars.

So if you are looking for an outlet to get your fantasy urges settled, check out this site. Fantasy sports have been around a long time with the 4 major ones taking precedence. However, with MMA still evolving and gathering more fans each day fantasy MMA will follow suit.

Check out Kountermove here and make sure you find me to see if you can put together a better team of fighters than mine.

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  • Eh, is a better site. Its way easier to play and their staff have the best customer care/service around. With you know exactly how you score as you're watching the fight. KM is too complicated in the scoring system. Sounds like a bias article, promoting KM. Thats not true journalism.

  • Not a bias article I have used other sites in the past and this is the one I appreciated most. I do appreciate you taking the time to read though.

  • Totally not a plug at all. I understand your view point and glad you took time to comment.

  • No problem Ted. I read different blogs daily and this just sounded like a plug. I appreciate the article and its headline, and I totally agree, just not the view point about KM with no mention of any other site.

  • In reply to quarta77:

    Quarta77, are you associated with MMAVictor? Seems like it. What's your real name/twitter handle?

  • Hi Ted,

    Going to try the site out, looking for something like this.


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