What About Bob?

What About Bob?

Can somebody grab some duct tape and use it on Bob Arum’s mouth?

Time after time when the UFC has even a hint of disappointing news or something goes wrong inside the company Arum is on the front line. He goes on to insult the UFC and MMA in general to either make boxing look better or show that MMA isn’t a profitable business.

I don’t know if Arum has any sanity left or is looking for the ultimate troll job but he continues to put his foot in his mouth. This is what he has said recently to Fight Hub TV:

“I think UFC does a very, very good job in the promotion, but it's a wholly different game plan from the one that we have. I think that going on FOX network is okay, but I don't know if it helps their pay-per-view numbers. So, it's a mixed bag. There numbers have been very, very bad on their pay-per-view (since the FOX deal), because people say, 'We can see the same thing for nothing, why should we pay?'

"You can't make value judgments with the very small window that they've had. Let's see how it works out over a year. (At first) I thought it was very, very good for them, but now I have some second thoughts. But, let's see. The jury's still out.”

I can see Arum’s point about the UFC and FOX and it could hurt possibly the PPV numbers in the future as fans might want to pass on the paid events for free fights. The economy is still on a bevel and many fans are looking for the cheapest way to get fights. But on the flip side the UFC is putting together high quality events with high level fights and fans would bite the bullet to watch these match-ups. The problem with Arum he talks about the UFC and the way they need to handle business. Instead, he should be focusing on his own sport.

If you don’t know Arum is a boxing promoter and has negotiated a lot of high profile fights over his years. Fast forward to 2012 and boxing is still trying to hold on to what popularity they have.  Before MMA grew to the mainstream audience boxing was the sport to watch. You had Oscar De La Hoya, Evander Holyfield, George Foreman and Mike Tyson becoming superstars for fighting 3 minute rounds. It was great for the sport in the early to late 90’s but then when MMA was introduced boxing began to fizzle.

The problem with boxing is the promotional side of the business as the young boxers who are coming up through the ranks aren’t given the spotlight by either their managers or promoters. With the UFC and MMA the back stories are told of the person behind the gloves. The owners aren’t afraid of showing how the fighters began their path of their career and the success or failures that have followed. With boxing, they are severely lacking.

Bob Arum wants to shoot his mouth off about the UFC and even said when the Fertitta brothers bought the company it was going to be an "instant failure". I don’t think we can call him Ms. Cleo anytime soon, as every prediction he has made about the UFC and MMA has been thrown back into his face.

Arum supposedly has been trying to get the match-up that everyone wants to see (Pacquiao/Mayweather) for a few years now but still hasn’t come together. So while Arum insults and state his opinions as facts, boxing will continue to suffer.

I remember when boxing was the highlight of a Saturday night 15 years ago and everybody wanting to check out the fights. But now everybody wants to check out the MMA card that is coming up because it is promoted correctly.

Arum has been a good promoter in the past, but the last few years he has been nothing but a thorn in the side of the boxing community. He wants to focus so much time on what the UFC is doing, that he forgets what sport he helped built.

The walls are slowly falling around the squared circle and Arum can be equally blamed. I want to see the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight as much as the next person, but I won’t get my hopes up. For now I will enjoy the MMA fights every Friday and Saturday and ignore Arum’s idiocies.

Troll on Arum and maybe when boxing is on its last breathe you might see the bigger picture, but until then stick what you are good at. I know for a fact promoting isn't one of them.

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