Rampage Jackson Exit Stage Left

Rampage Jackson Exit Stage Left

His real name is Quinton Jackson but rarely is he referred to that name. The moniker he is most known for his Rampage due to his fighting skills and aggressive attitude. Recently, he has gone on a different kind of rampage.

Over the last few days Jackson has gone from the Mr. Miyagi of tweets to the messages that insult not only the UFC but personal attacks to Joe Silva and Dana White. It seems he isn’t happy with the business decisions and I’m still trying to figure out why.

The UFC and Jackson have had their difficulties in the past and that is widely known because there is a lot of pull from both sides. Both want it their way and at times it has been hard to find a common ground and middle to make both sides happy. Recently, Jackson fought in Japan and lost to Ryan Bader where he came in overweight and had very few highlights to put into his personal archive.

Yesterday he went on to HDNET’s MMA show and talked to Bas Rutten about his recent disdain for the UFC:

"I don't want to fight for the UFC no more; I think the fans don't understand. They think that just because I make a lot of money, I should be happy because I've got a nice house. I've always stated that I fight for money because it's my career, but I think a lot of fans are sheep and they don't understand.”

“I feel like, honestly, if I didn't fight on that card in Japan, I don't think the appeal would have been as big. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or nothing like that, but they only had me and Mark Hunt on the card.”

The problem is Jackson is all about himself and he thinks everybody is against him with things go south. He said he fights for the money, which in my opinion is wrong because yes it’s your career but you have to love what you do in order to enjoy it. It seems to me Jackson just wants a pay day and then move on to the next event where the dollar signs pop up dramatically.

He calls the fans sheep because they don’t understand. But a lot of MMA and UFC fans are smarter than he thinks, due to the access of information with a click of the mouse.

From what has been released Jackson has had made a good amount of money from his previous fights.

UFC 130: $250,000

UFC 135: Fight Bonus $75,000

Now with his recent fight in Japan they did not release salaries but you can estimate that Rampage earned at least a 6 figure number even with 20% going to Bader for him missing weight. So Rampage has made close to a million dollars in a little less of a year. And he still is looking to complain about his salary and how the UFC is growing yet he’s not getting a fair piece of the pie. Can you say greedy?

No one is disagreeing with him that he is a popular name from his Pride days and had a successful career in that company. But with Jackson continuing to insult the UFC and complaining about practices why deal with his antics?

Dana White said that he will be released after his next fight (which is his last on his contract) and he will be able to do whatever he wants.

But with him continuing to throw out ignorant comments and bringing bad publicity to the company, I would have cut the ties a long time ago. We heard we would see the “Old Rampage” last fight against Bader and we were given the pile of excuses after.

He had an excellent chance to make a lot of money to fight on the Chicago card and be on across the world for free. Yet he wanted the chance to fight in Japan because that’s where his career began to grow. UFC was hesitant at first but ultimately granted his wish.  The result was him losing and then taking it to Twitter putting the blame on others.

Rampage hasn’t shown that he is at an elite level for his last few fights and wanting more money for sub-par performances is ludicrous. Sometimes with athletes it’s all about the money and in this case it is. He wants to gain a lot of money for a job that he hasn’t performed in quite a while.

Maybe he will move onto filming another A-Team or even a rap album. Rampage will continue to fluster the UFC brass and continue his plea to let him do his thing as long as he can't get his way. The UFC pays the people that preform and bring in an effort when they step into the cage.

For Rampage Jackson the dollar signs are more important than what the fans and others want to see.

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