Tim Sylvia Fighting a Losing Battle

Tim Sylvia Fighting a Losing Battle
Tracy Lee/CombatLifeStyle.com

The social media in this day and age continues to grow and with MMA being a big part of it, many fights are announced on Twitter and are shown on Facebook. Recently, fans have been pushing for fights they want to see or fighters they want to return to the UFC. It’s a great tool on getting feedback from the consumers, but when former fighters “toe the line” it is causing their own turmoil.

Tim Sylvia was a part of the UFC for many years and even won the Heavyweight Championship twice. But as the years went on and Sylvia began to fade off from the Heavyweight class and began fighting in the Super Heavyweight division. Seven out of his last eight fights have been in that division and recently his last fight was in the Heavyweight Division, where the weight cut took its toll. Despite the victory he looked out of his element and his reactions were visibly slow.

But Sylvia refused to give up on getting back into the UFC and put out this video calling out a few current fighters.

Now he can beat 80 percent of the roster? That’s got me kind of baffled because I just don’t see Tim who has struggled to make the Heavyweight limit the last few years coming into the UFC and beating that percentage of fighters. I’m not saying Sylvia is a bad guy or a bad fighter but looking at past history and what he has done it wouldn’t seem business “savvy” to call his number again.

The Heavyweight Division is currently a log jam with a bunch of fighters already in the mix to getting a future title shot or one or two fights away to gaining a chance at the gold. Again this is a business and Sylvia may be pushing his fans to support him which is all fine and dandy, but it just doesn’t make sense.

Sure Sylvia can lean on his former fights and his two time championship wins, but this sport is all about “what have you done for me lately”. Fighting in the Super Heavyweight Division isn’t going to do Sylvia any favors when he pitches his ideas in returning to the UFC.

According to Duane Finley of Heavy.com, Dana White responded to all the questions on whether Sylvia would return. His response was this:

“It’s not going to happen.  What has Tim Sylva done since Ray Mercer?”

White also said that he has no personal beef with Sylvia. He also agreed with the majority that saying he could beat 80% of the Heavyweight Division is ridiculous. Sure fans will tweet Dana White and beg him to let Sylvia return but the business mindset has to kick in.

Fans always don’t look at both sides of what has to be decided on before bringing a fighter back and right now Sylvia has more negatives than positives.

If he wants to return maybe he should gain a few more fights back in the Heavyweight Division and then if he dominates fighters that are at equal talent then maybe try your petitions again. Right now there is no solid background for him to come back and all the tweeting is falling on deaf ears.

Yes, Sylvia was a pretty good fighter back in the early 2000’s dominating opponents and showing that he could be a champion for years. But with so many fighters itching to get into the big leagues I think he needs to regroup and show that the “Maine-iac” can still hang with the UFC batch of fighters.

Until then I think the Twitter support is a nice gesture, but he’s putting the cart before the horse.

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