The Hammer DVD Review

The Hammer DVD Review

When Matt Hamill’s life story was turned into a featured length movie, producer Eben Kostbar didn’t know how the audience would react. Matt was in the same situation when he first entered the Octagon and was wondering about the reaction from the crowd.  The resolution for both, was that it was tremendously successful.

With "The Hammer" being released all around the world which is a biography on Matt Hamill’s life, every person that saw it was blown away from how it was told. Even if the diehard MMA fan knew about his story this movie explored the minor details and really opened up the past that was rarely told.

Now that the movie was a rousing successful film, the DVD has now hit shelves and it continues to explore the life of Matt Hamill.

Watching the movie again is something that never got old and it still feels like I'm watching it for the first time. That is a nod to the way the story was put together and how the actors fit the roles perfectly.

Eben Kostbar and his DVD production company really put together a disc that can be given to any friend or relative and they will instantly be brought into the life of Matt Hamill.

The DVD has plenty of features included such as: deleted scenes, writer and producer commentary and the most intriguing feature is the one on one chat with Matt Hamill.

Matt Hamill and his manager Duff Holmes conducted an interview and told the story on how they were contacted by Eben Kostbar regarding the movie. With Duff reading the script he was instantly hooked and felt there was magic. Even with the interview only be 7 minutes it really reiterates what Matt did to turn his life into something he wanted.

“The Hammer” is available at virtually any electronic store and also can be bought online through iTunes or Amazon.

Eben Kostbar was nice enough to send 2 autographed DVDs to giveaway. If you are interested in winning either of the DVDs just leave a comment below this article and you will be automatically entered. I will choose 2 people at random to win.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and check out the story of Matt Hamill because it is truly an inspiration for anybody that has struggled to make their life, what they wanted.

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    I saw it on the screen twice and still love it! Reason why I went 2nd time was to show my friend why I loved it. He couldn't stop thinking about it after seeing it. I relate to Matt and the film a lot! Kudos!!!! I am so getting the DVD soon.

  • I really loved the movie. Brought tears to my eyes. Reminded growing up with my deaf brother and going thru things with him and knowing just cause your deaf you still can accomplish anything! I actually got to meet Matt and duff at the deaf convention held in Kansas city a few years ago. As soon as I watched I took it to my mom to watch. I would love to see Matt fight one day!

  • Sounds like a great movie and DVD. I haven't got a chance to watch it yet, I don't think it's available yet in Canada. I've only heard good about this movie!

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    I'm a huge MMA Fan as well as a childhood wrestler. As a father I felt it was imperative for my son and daughter to watch Matt's story to remind them that anything is possible when you put 100% into it. Great movie!

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