Culinary Union and The UFC Don't Mix

Culinary Union and The UFC Don't Mix

I’m still trying to find out if culinary has anything to do with MMA? With the power of the internet I searched the definition of culinary and I received this result.

“Of or relating to a kitchen or to cookery.”

Now I know a lot of the fighters in MMA and particularly the UFC are great cookers and make some great plates at times. But with culinary, is it directly connected to MMA? IF you answered no, you would be correct.

But the Culinary Workers Union 226 in Las Vegas has had their problems with the UFC and parent company Zuffa. Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta own Station Casinos in Las Vegas and the union has been fighting with them for years to get their foot in the door for the employees. The Fertitta brothers have said no to this point so the union has set out on making life miserable for the UFC.

According to Cagewriter on Yahoo Sports, the union made an appearance at the Nevada State Athletic Commission. You can check out the entire blog here and I chose a few just to get the sense on how idiotic this group is.

Right to work. This would allow fighters to sign non-exclusive contracts and would prohibit contracts from automatically renewing. Champions' clauses, which keep champs attached to their contract as long as they hold the belt, would be a thing of the past.”

Champions usually make the highest money during PPV’s fights and have many other options to generate income. Why would a champion want to leave the UFC when he is at the top of the ladder? Sure if there is an injury or something personal to arise, the UFC would work it out where it can restructure a contract. Don't understand the thought of losing a top spot or not being happy being at being a focal point for the company.

Professionalism. From the union: "You have the right to be treated with common courtesy and professional respect by other fighters and by promoters and managers. For mixed martial arts to become a mainstream sport accepted by the general public, participants in the sport must act in accordance with commonly accepted standards of courtesy, decency and respect in their public interactions with one another and in their interactions with the public."

I think the union leaders have been living under the rock the last 10 years, with this statement. The UFC is already mainstream and accepted by the general public. Do they not see the explosion of fans new and old tuning in to the FOX shows as well as PPV’s? Also when did the UFC become a school where courtesy and decency come into play? This union is grasping at  straws and this “statement” is asinine, to put it nicely.

The problem with the union is that they are putting their nose into something that is totally unrelated to what they are trying to do. They are trying to make demands about MMA, a sport they know nothing about and expect for the commission to listen. Hopefully the commission is smart enough to say “we will take your presentation under advisement”.

Bringing the UFC into your problems with a totally different topic is making your union look weak and confused. This isn’t about their problems with the Fertitta brothers but more of them wanting to look for an outlet to boast their displeasure. With the UFC being the sport it is now it's not surprising they want media and e

This union needs to realize what they are looking to do isn’t working and falling on deaf ears. Maybe they need to get back in the kitchen and put together a new recipe.

This one has failed from the start.

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