Camozzi Looks To Push The Pace

Camozzi Looks To Push The Pace

When he suffered a decision lost to Francis Carmont at UFC 127 Chris Camozzi was hopeful he would get another call from the UFC. Sure enough that call was placed and Camozzi was more than grateful to be back in the “Major Leagues” of MMA.

Camozzi takes on Dustin Jacoby this Saturday at the United Center here in Chicago and is looking forward to stepping into the Octagon once again, since October of last year.

“I wasn’t expected to be cut after that last fight and I was just waiting on a call from them. They did call me a little earlier than I thought but I was more than happy to take a fight sooner than later.”

Jacoby has only one fight in the organization which was a loss to Clifford Starks at UFC 137. With that one bout the tapes on him were hard to come by in terms of studying tendencies. It didn’t bother Camozzi.

“I only found two videos on him and the UFC sent me another. But the thing is with Dustin I’m not worried as much about what he has or doesn’t have, but what I have to do to win the fight.”

“My coaches watched the tape and I put my trust in them and what kind of plan they put together. Like I said having less tape sometimes on an opponent is better, because it makes you focus more on what you need to do.”

With Camozzi being an undercard fighter and the only fight not being shown on FUEL-TV, his fight begins at 3:00 PM due to the early start time for the FOX show. Many fighters have a varied opinion on fighting early or later in the night and Camozzi appreciates the first slot of the card.

“I appreciate the early start time, because after it’s over I get to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the night. Sitting and waiting is the worst part of the entire week and getting going is I’m sure every fighter wants to do. Starting early is definitely a positive and a win will make the rest of the night be that much better.”

With this being his 5th fight in the UFC, Camozzi knows there’s always room for improvement and the way his opponent likes to throw his hands and look for the knockout is something he is focusing on.

“I saw his record and he does love to throw the punch, at the same time though, I think I’m more experienced and what I need to do is control the center of the Octagon and push the pace."

The crowd will be roaring inside the United Center tomorrow night and Camozzi wants the fight to end with him being victorious, but not the way of a judge's decision.

"The first or second round with a technical knock-out."

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