2012 UFC Wish List

2012 UFC Wish List

2012 Wish List

With 2012 starting off and FUEL TV becoming the “UFC Channel” there are some things on my wish list that hopefully come true this year. It’s going to be a big year for the UFC and going to be interesting if they can overtake 2011.

FUEL-TV to Comcast

With FUEL TV now being the new home for anything UFC, many fans are without the channel unless the switch to another cable provider. Many fans have been asking if it will come to Comcast and a few years ago a contract was signed but nothing ever developed.

Questions were asked to Dana White at the press conference here in Chicago and he said you should continue to “bug” Comcast and any other provider to get FUEL TV. He said with FOX signing this deal it would be just a matter of time before the channel is an as many households as former UFC programming channel Spike-TV.

Here in Chicago the channel isn’t offered to any of the subscribers and contacting local reps from the area have fallen on deaf ears.

I know a lot of fans want the channel to keep tabs on the variety of shows that the UFC will be putting on and Comcast hasn’t shown any move of adding the channel to their lineup. Hopefully it isn’t long before a lot more people get to see the great programming the UFC is offering and Comcast doesn’t increase their prices for a channel that every MMA fan should have.

Healthy George St. Pierre

After hurting both his his ACL and MCL in December GSP should be healthy enough to recover in about 10 months. Talking with many former athletes about these types of injuries, they say the it takes a lot of time to recover and patience is the key. With GSP being out for an extended period of time, Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz will fight for an interim title.

But with the expected month of November for GSP to return not necessarily in a fight but training again it’s going to be critical for him to be 100 percent. He is the biggest name to come out of Canada since Wayne Gretzky and is very important for him to show that he is going to continue his domination in the Welterweight Division.

A Jon Jones Challenger

The youngest champion in UFC history Jon Jones has basically steam rolled his opponents defending his belt. Now Jon Jones is taking some well-deserved time off and will face the winner of the Rashad Evans, Phil Davis fight later this month. But with Jones having the longest reach in the UFC and to go along with his lengthy body seems to be on a run that doesn’t look like it will end in the near future. Jones has shown that he can match his skill set to overcome any opponent and has done it in style.

Jones will probably fight 3 times in 2012 and I don’t see anybody beating him unless we see the super fight of him facing Anderson Silva.

Sonnen Silva II

You knew this was coming when this is the best option for the UFC if he does indeed beat Mark Munoz. Chael is the kind of fighter who can not only build a fight to its highest potential. He is the type who isn’t afraid to state his case and is so quick to respond to any question that it’s sometimes baffling. But Sonnen recently has said he is giving up on Silva and his “fake” belt and is looking toward the other champions in the UFC. But I think if he wins fight against Munoz, Anderson Silva is his only opponent that is up next.

Dana White knows the first fight was just a tip of the iceberg and putting these two back together for one more fight will bring in a lot of money. The build-up will be there, as well as the smack talk and with Sonnen beating Silva for 4 plus rounds, anything can happen.

TUF Approval

With TUF now going on FX and a whole new format where fans get to vote which fights they want to see. With Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber being the coaches for the new style of TUF it should be a very interesting season.

There is plenty of bad blood between both and with the show now being on Friday nights it will be interesting to see the ratings compared to the previous seasons.

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