What makes sense for Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin the original “Ultimate Fighter” winner has said he is coming to the end of his career. Since starting his MMA journey back in 2001 and fighting in exactly 25 fights he feels that his time is sparse and delicate. Question is if Forrest has one or two fights left who should he round out his career with? I can only think of a few names that could make the biggest impact on careers and what the end of the legacy will look like for Griffin.

Tito Ortiz

With Ortiz only having 1 fight left on his contract and Dana letting him finish it out why not throw Ortiz into the Octagon against the man he faced twice before. Both men have fought and both have come out with a decision victory the previous two times, so a 3rd would be a no brainer.

Ortiz looks to be on his final fight with the only organization he has been with and Griffin I’m sure is accepting of the contact, if it is issued. Make the trilogy and close out a chapter in the UFC history books and see who wins this rubber match.

Stephan Bonnar

With his impressive display of his ground game against Kyle Kingsbury at UFC 139, Bonnar is without a fight for the foreseeable fight. “The American Pyscho” also knows Griffin really well as they both fought for that lucrative contact into the UFC and what put the show on the map. Both fought an absolute war and will always be known as one of the best fights in UFC history. Even though Bonnar lost to Griffin he was awarded a contract to continue his quest of being a MMA athlete.

Yes, they both fought a second time and even though Griffin took the second match-up via decision, it’s something I’m sure the fans would like to see just one more time.  Bonnar is riding a 3 fight winning streak and beating Griffin could put him in line against a top Light Heavyweight in the future.

Rich Franklin

Franklin has been recovering from numerous injuries and his last fight was against Griffin in February of this year. Franklin has stated that he is hopefully for a summer return of next year but I don’t think Griffin wants to wait that long for a fight. The last fight between both was a decision for Griffin but it wasn’t a dominating performance by any means. There is that old phrase that “sequels are always better than trilogy’s” and if Ace heals well before the expected time-frame I think it’s would be a great match-up.

So there you have 3 possible fighters and all of them have their own drawing interest for the UFC and fans alike. Griffin in his last fight was visibly not happy fighting in Brazil and also had a child on the way back in Las Vegas. With that out of the picture and him knowing his time is coming to a close he will be that much more dedicated to training and focusing on whatever opponent is given to him.

You can call him a company man or showing that he is dedicated to the UFC and Dana White. With him being only 32 and looking to settle down and enjoy his family, making any of these fights would be good choice to put together. Griffin helped put TUF on the map and helped others appreciate the sport of MMA.

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