Bisping Not Winning Me Over

Bisping Not Winning Me Over

After his victory tonight against Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Michael Bisping gave a surprising cordial post-fight interview. He thanked everybody and said that he was humble and appreciative of the opportunity he gets to fight in the UFC. The crowd gave him a nice round of applause for his words, but some I’m not buying it.

Let’s jump into the Delorean and go back to yesterday where after the weigh-ins Bisping stated this:

"I couldn’t give a f*ck about f*ck getting love. All I care about is smashing this f*cking dickhead in. F*ck you all."

And after those words Bisping flashes the middle fingers to the crowd as he walks off the stage. For Bisping, that’s nothing unusual because he lives for being the heel and really doesn’t care if he has 1 or 1000 fans. But the problem is he brings the hate for all the actions or words he has done over the years. UFC 127 is a telling tale of why Bisping can be looked at as the dirtiest and classless fighter in the UFC.

There were a lot of emotions going into this fight between Rivera and Bisping and both were restrained at the weigh-ins from attacking each other. But during the fight Bisping threw an illegal knee, and subsequently won the fight in the 2nd round. After the fight he spit at the corner of Rivera’s and then proceeded to talk trash to him about how he supposedly insulted his family.

Back to tonight Bisping during the fight threw an illegal kick, while Miller had one knee on the ground. It wasn’t noticed by referee Steve Mazzagatti, and even though it wasn’t landed it continues to show at times Bisping is a dirty fighter.

Now building up fights is something that every fighter does in their own way and with the Jorge Rivera situation Rivera seemed to get under his skin a bit. But with Bisping I don’t think he knows where to draw the line and let’s his emotions get the best of him. He wants to be hated and has done a good job of that, now why the sudden change of heart?

For all the questionable things he has said or done in the sport why would he try to change the role that he loves? Sure the fans gave him a round of applause for his win, but you can’t convince the major fan base that you're suddenly a "good guy".

I think Bisping knows that he is hated and maybe wants to try be more likeable in general and wants to be a more known as a role model. But many fans know the background and history of what he has done or said and can’t be bought with a one post-fight speech. I'm not saying his speech was not sincere but with the past history he has, I wouldn't think he would want the heel role any other way.

Not taking away from his skills inside the cage because he is a talented fighter and showed that today against a rusty Jason Miller, but when he tries to bring back a fan base he has saturated with such hate and negativity, it’s going to take a lot more than thanking and appreciating everybody involved in the sport.

Actions speak louder than words and I don’t think Bisping has fully grasped that concept on why he his a thorn in the side of many MMA fans.

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